Where in #FFXIV is Aque?!


Where have I been?!
Playing FFXIV of course! However, to be entirely honest, my play time and free time dropped drastically. Anyone who has ever been or is in a corporate environment knows well the trials of fiscal quarter end! It took about 3 weeks to get quarter end tasks completed, and then the last week for me to recuperate mentally! Now that I’ve gotten out of the habit of updating here, we’ll see how long it takes to get back into it /sniffuls, especially with the holiday season coming and I’ll be busy playing ninja across the country!

What has Aque Lia been up to in game?
LOTS, even with what little play time I had in the last few weeks, so much has been accomplished. I’ve also been collecting a lot of content and videos to publish at the same time. Still have over 3 TB of encoded videos to share lol but having a slight issue with XIV and uploading 😦 Will get into this below, perhaps one of you guys can help me figure this out! Activities in game currently include:

  • Gearing up my crafters! I’ve been taking it nice and slow and using nq > hq materials since I wanted to save all the HQ materials for guaranteed synths for Nain. So far I have completed WVR, LTW and GSM sets. CRP, ARM and BSM needs 3 more pieces to completion, then I will work on CUL and ALC. I had a tonne of fun dying the outfits too!
    Goldsmithing JSE

    Gloom Purple dyed Goldsmith JSE, only dyed certain pieces to create an accent

    Leatherworker JSE

    Bone white dye on accent pieces, left the main pieces natural color

    Weaver JSE

    Still not sure how I feel about this piece, it’s cute and all but Scin brought up a good point, feels like it needs to be Bone White/Off White some how

  • Crafting, Crafting, And More Crafting! About 3 weeks ago, before end of quarter insanity hit, I finally started crafting again. I got over my crafting phobia! The HQ sets above is what I started with. Now I’m HQing every which way and gotten lucky on some of the harder synths with NQ material, thank goodness! The crafting craze is mostly towards helping others gear, level up and my own achievement hunts as well.

    Best Crafting View

    Although I normally craft in Uldah to be close to mules, people, etc, Limsa has the best crafting view and wish I could just be there 100% of the time

  • Binding Coil of Bahamut! Isn’t that where everyone’s spending their ‘end game’ time now? I started the third DM team sometime on Tuesday 09/17/2013. By Thursday 09/19/2013 I had dragged everyone last minute for a run. We were able to get to Turn 2 very quickly within the same day, but was stalled at ADS2 for the remainder of the night. Since then the team has consistently improved both in skill, gear and team work. There is something to be said for a team running content together consistently, which is why set parties exist in almost every game.  We currently clear turn 1-4 in less than 1.5 hours, assuming afk, dinner break, connection issues (which we seem to have a lot of grrr). The next goal is to push for faster clears and will start learning Turn 5 this week. I will post videos of our derp runs soon!

    Team Titan Derps

    Team Titan is our call sign and Derping is our game

  • CM, PM, AK farming galore… does this even need a mention anymore ; ; I try not to do more than I need per week, have seen what burn out looks like, me no likey

    Scinder derping in AK

    Gratuitous shot of Scinder with the wield animation bug in AK, I basically have multiple shots of him with the derp wield animation bug in like every game….

  • Hanging out with Alpha Prime peeps! Over 10 years of gaming history together, and the tradition to bring our awesomely creative ways to die continues in FFXIV. When I’m not running with DM, crafting, advancing achievements, farming and god knows how many other myriad things I have to do in the game that I have no time for, I hang out with Foosh, Evy, Deb, Nain and other Alpha Prime derps. Recently Cala and Lokar has decided to play something other than WoW and whatever other game Cala was playing, Jojo popped up too! I hear Alpha Prime on Hyperion is doing well and playing actively as well, so it seems AP continues to infect all games with our {fun} {excitement} death. Foosh and Evy recently finished up the main story line! Welcome to the world of farming /nods
    Alpha Prime Derp Master

    The master of derping, AP’s very own Deb Monose

    Foosh... as Right Bicep

    Foosh insisted on calling his character Right Bicep… oh and a peek at AWESOME HEALING UI /sobsss miserably

Summarized like so, does not seem like a lot does it? But with limited play time, this is all I can manage for now 😦 Sooo much to dooooo so little time ; ; Which brings me to a question…

How Can I Upload to Youtube without causing Lag Issues for XIV? 
This is an interesting issue, yes there have been server side lag and latency and warping around during prime time, nothing I can do to avoid that. However, I noticed that if I torrent anything on a given day, or upload a video to youtube, when I login to FFXIV I most certainly will have weird response issues. Even while crafting.  I will input a command and sit there waiting for the server to respond. Is this an ISP throttling issue? Lately I’ve been forced to turn everything off during coil runs, which is rather sad. I also tried to stream the game and have given up on that idea indefinitely. If you know of any solution to this that does not involve moving to Texas for Google fiber, hewp!


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