Back From Holidays and Stuff and Things and Zombies

HELLO FWENS! Been a long time XD came back from the holidays into insanity at work…. everything that can possibly go wrong did! So only managed to squeeze two game nights a week and no extra time to update youtube channel or this blog ; ; hopefully things are settling down a bit more and I can go back to jibba jabbaing about my favorite past time: FFXIV!

I even managed to wake up at 4am PST this morning to watch the live letter, first in a very long time! Since patch 2.1 there’s been more and more things to do in game and I’m rather behind on all of it due to being away when patch hit. With 2.2 looming, I’m hoping to get caught up ASAP and will be sure to post shenanigan videos /nods

In the mean time, here’s what the tarus are doing… scheming for world domination with carbies in attendance while playing digimon chess… overlooked disapprovingly by the stinkie elvaan



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