So You Just Hit Level 50 in FFXIV Patch 2.1 – Guide by CrabCommander

I’ve been meaning to write something up for myself just to get everything straight and stored away somewhere not in my brain. And voila! Someone already did it, huzzah for lazy enabled taru /bounces around. Thanks CrabCommander for compiling this quick To-Do list that I can just link to my buddies  as more and more of then are hitting cap.

So you just hit 50, and now you’re wondering where to go from here. Well, I don’t think anyone can tell you explicitly what should be done in exactly what order, and you certainly can skips steps, but here’s the most gentle slope for introduction to end-game.

  1. Fresh 50? Ready to see what the world has to offer? Lets get to it then.
    • Finish Your Job/Story Quests – Your Job quests will net you your last skills and your Artifact gear. Do them. The main quest up through Praetorium is required for practically all other Level 50 content.
    • Replace Your Trash Items – If you have any items below iLevel 45, they should probably be replaced with crafted/purchased items. You should pay particular attention to your weaponry.
    • Castrum Meridianum and The Praetorium – You’ll need to run them once for story, but feel free to run them a few times extra if you like during this stage to acquire more Tomestones of Philosophy and get comfortable with level 50 content.
  2. Time for the basic content! This stuff can be done with your fancy new fresh 50 gear.
    • Ifrit Hard Mode – Unlocked in the Waking Sands, he’s an easy and simple mechanics fight which drops iLevel 60 Weaponry.
    • Wanderer’s Palace and Amdapor Keep – You’ll have to do these anyways for your GC and Relic quest eventually anyways, but they also drop some comfy iLevel 55 gear to get you started, and are an easy completion even in fresh 50 gear (particularly now that AK’s difficulty has been nerfed).
    • Relic Quest Line – It’s probably a good time to start on your Relic Quest. It’ll take you through Chimera, Hydra, and back through the content you’ve completed at this point. At minimum you’ll want it all caught up before you get to Titan some time down the road.
  3. Got a few pieces of iLevel 55? Weapon at least level 55, or an Ifrit weapon if you’re lucky? Good, next step up!
    • Garuda Hard Mode – Like before, unlocked in the Waking Sands, Garuda is a more complex fight, and one which requires some gear at least to pass various checks on your stats. She turns out cool looking iLevel 70 weapons for your trouble.
    • Copperbell HM and Haukke HM – The next step up in 4 Man dungeons, these guys provide a little more challenge, but better rewards, in the form of iLevel 60 gear of all varieties.
    • Pharos Sirius – The hardest of the 4 man dungeons in 2.1, Pharos is a reasonable completion as you near the end of this proverbial tier. Feel free to challenge it for some more iLevel 60 items and fun as you stretch your legs.
    • Darklight Gear – At this point, you’re probably also sitting on a nice stack of Philosophy Tomes. Feel free to turn those guys into some Darklight gear for yourself to start filling in your lower iLevel slots. You’ll need it!
  4. Feeling suave in your mixture of iLevel 55-70 gear? Time to start stepping up your game with the big challenges!
    • Titan Hard Mode – The last barrier in the route to Relic, clearing Titan should be your goal for this tier. The first fight that truly stresses both Mechanics and raw numbers. An HP in the range of 3200+ is an absolute minimum for this fight. Also drops iLevel 80 Weaponry.
    • Good King Moggle Mog XII – Feeling the pain on Titan? Finish pushing through the main story and eventually you’ll run into this guy. He’s a fun fight with a challenge level similar to Garuda HM that drops iLevel 75 Weapons. A helpful stopgap if you find yourself rockblocked by Titan for an extended period of time. Or if you just really like Moogles.
    • AF+1/Heroes Gear – By now you might be sitting on at least a few hundred Myth tomes. Feel free to start changing them in for some iLevel 90 gear in Revenant’s Toll. Even a single piece can drastically boost your stats up at this point.
    • Ultima – The Ultima fight is no joke, with a difficulty level similar to that of Titan. Still, for the adventurous with gear in the iLevel 65+ range, he can be taken down for some solid iLevel 80 Accessories.
    • Crystal Tower – If you can punch your way through the tiresome unlock quest, Crystal Tower can be a nice source of easy iLevel 80 gear. Although you can only walk out with one piece a week. Still, it’ll be better than almost anything else you can get for a while.
  5. Got your Relic? All Pimped out in iLevel 70-80 gear? Maybe a couple Myth tome items? Time for the final steps!
    • The Binding Coil of Bahamut – A Five Part dungeon with high mechanical complexity and numbers. Find yourself a good PUG or Static and have it. Drops some of the best gear in the game. Note: You cannot use the Duty Finder for Coil.
    • Relic Zenith – Save up those 900 Myths over time and upgrade your Relic at Gerolt’s forge for a quick 10 iLevel bonus in stats.
    • Extreme Mode Primals – The alternative option to a Relic +1, clearing all 3 can get you a fancy iLevel 90 weapon as well. You might find yourself needing the Relic +1 though just to get through them. They also drop iLevel 90 accessories and other fun items.

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