FFXIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas Kicks Off With A BANG! Go YoshiP! It’s My Birthday… Not Really!


Welps, thank god I woke up in time to set up and watch the funnest kick off to a fan festival evar! (rivaled only by the PUP announcement hilarity back in the good ole ffxi days!)

Mini trailer will come after some bullet points about FFXIV 3.0: Heavensward Coming in Spring 2015!

  • Level cap raise to 60 for all Disciples
  • New large scale areas
  • All new primals!
  • New High End Raids
  • More than 4 new dungeons
  • Ishgard as the 4th City State
  • Obviously the entire Ishgard story: Dragonsong War
  • MULTIPLE New Jobs! Japan/London will be revealing details
  • FC Airship – areas that are being hinted as being reachable only by these airships (they didn’t say but with the snerking going around it sounds like it?)
  • New Gear New Recipes (the usual)
  • They’re sharing the reveal details with London and Japan, so more details throughout the weekend and in another week
  • UPDATE:! New Beastman races (Dravanian is considered a beastman race)

FFXIV 3.0 Heavensward New Expansion Reveal Mini Trailer

Ishgard As The 4th City State

One of the new zones: The Dravanian Foreland

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