FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2015 in Costa Del Sol is a great idea!!

I FINALLY! found some time to do the Moonfire Faire quests this past weekend and LOVE that it’s hosted in Costa Del Sol this year. I’m not too keen on the swimsuit though for lalafell ;x I think it may look better on lala designs if it had some ribbon or frill to separate our torso from the rest of us instead of making us look more and more like a puntable ball! grr rawrr

If you haven’t done the quest yet, do so!! It starts in Limsa Lominsa Aftcastle and then sends you to Costa Del Sol for a PROPER beach party, so much fun, and fireworks on the beach is awesome as always!

Here’s the primary questline:

Not much of a grind for the tokens to buy vanity items and chimes, pretty lovely chimes! There are repeatable quests that you can do on crafter and gatherers.


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