Gobbie Boom!

FFXIV Casuals vs. Alexander Savage Adventure Continues!

Hurray!! We’re about 3 weeks behind schedule but we still did it! Our last run as a full group was on 08/20 and we got to enraged on the very last Widow. Immediately after that we went into a hiatus for around 3 weeks due to Vacations, PAX Prime and work commitments. During the hiatus we were informed that one of our static mates had been offered an amazing new job and we’re super happy for him, grats Gee! He was our gobwalker operator though, which means we were back to square one. Our drg Tizmo was then assigned the gobwalker role overnight puahaha ❤ Tizzy

We did get weekly AS1 clears with partial pugging and we’d sometimes pop into AS2 for some learning runs but in general it was not super serious. We finally started running in earnest again last Thursday, which was Tiz’s first time handling the gobwalker. We went back in again this Monday and was able to get to last wave with her learning on the fly, thanks KiePie (/snorts) for coming to our run!!

On Tuesday, we flagged up PF and lucked into awesome Luminos, a monk who decided to join us in our AS2 adventure after the AS1 weekly clear. We finally beat the fight on the 2nd try!! Good job Tizzy for getting into the rhythm and flow of the gobwalker so fast!! Luminos will be running with us as we learn AS3, woohoo!!

Not sure how much we can accomplish in the next week or so before Dakana jets off to Europe for a month along with other RL schedules for the rest of us.

So here’s to the casual laife /toast and being able to enjoy content with very little play time woo hoo!! Grats static and looking forward to our run tonight! Death doom doom doom!

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