FFXIV Fan Festival 2016 Day 1: Keynote Thoughts and Overview

Welps, another year another Fan Fest that I could not go to 😦 last time, it was due to work, this year, we moved back to the East Coast, bought a house and am having a grand ole time over here! Vargy, Kenny and em also could not make the trip this year, so I decided it’s probably not the funnest idea for me to wander around all alone at the Fan Fest XD

I am super hyped though and will be sharing my thoughts here, instead of spamming Twitter.

OOO it started!! Keynote scheduled for 2pm Eastern, go go 4.0 announcement? XD Right now they’re just giving an intro to the stream, which was cut off before it actually ended on this CLEENG crap, what is CLEENG and why is it sucking and why are you using this system Square Enix, WHY WHY??

Here’s to hoping we get a smooth keynote at least? -_- and the stream died, or something or other… is this going to happen every time they switch from one event to another?

After refreshing and stuttering it’s way to a semi active stream again, we are presented with the schedule for the day:

Final Fantasy Fan Festiva 2016 Day 1 Schedule

Final Fantasy Fan Festiva 2016 Day 1 Schedule

The stream co

Conntinues to randomly stop and reload for some reason though!

HERE WE GO! WOOOOOOOOO Stormblood Early Summer 2017!!!!!!!

That trailer we just watched was super awesome, if only the stream had managed to not bungle up the quality of it -_-

Koji and YoshiP totally makes a super team, and hurray for 4.0 confirmation, but we were already expecting this though! FFXIV 4.0 Stormblood!

More 3.x patches incoming but the keynote will be about 4.0. Like with Heavensward, I guess we should hold our expectations in checks since they will do their best to get it out on Early Summer 2017, but obviously delays may occur.

From the next bit here, I get the feeling that they will release 4.0 information slowly across all the different Fan Fest just like we did for 3.0.

As expected, the expansion will finally take us to Ala Mhigo! We will be taking it back from Garleans, finally finally!

It’s been almost 20 years since Ala Mhigo was taken by the Garleans, with a few remaining key characters left who still remember pre Garlean Ala Mhigo, the story will revolve around the new generation who has not known anything but their life under Garlean control. I really like where this is going, delving into where the new generation even wants to be ‘liberated’ or is it just nostalgia and the older generation pushing their self interests on them.

New character will be the ruler of Garlean Mhigo (my nickname muahahah)


We’ll also find out about the kick ass lady in red from the trailer perhaps in the next few patches! Our warrior of light also gets a brand new haircut, a cheekier look and his new main job will be Monk.


A new zone will be called Rhalgr’s Reach!


New Jobs! And YoshiP is taking off his shirt… la di da… is there a hint, I can’t really see -_- come closer yoohoo!

Scarlet… Witch what are you saying, Red Mage! WooHOO? come on hurry up /throws bottle. From the image, I think theres at least 2 new jobs?


Some other features of 4.0:
– New level cap to 70

– Battle system changes
Wow… additional skill system overhaul – I guess with increase in job abilities and cap     increase, they need to clean up older ones, very interesting. Ok, it basically means they will redo the organization instead of based on jobs, it will be based on roles.

Reassessment of unused/ineffective actions – scaling down or changing the number of these types of actions. This became a consideration during the level cap from 50-60 which added a number of additional actions for each class/jobs. While maintaining the feel of the job, they want to slim it down so it’s easier for more players to jump on. I think this is a good idea honestly, they should do this with every expansion, instead of having a bloated action bar every time level cap is increase.

– Sprawling new areas – not less than the size or number of areas we had in Heavensward. It will be a full standalone game’s content worth in areas.


– All new primals – they didn’t show much details though

– Challenging new dungeons

– High-end raids – basically after the feedback from Bahamut (1 tier of difficulty) and Alexander (Normal and Savage), they will be changing things up a bit with the main purpose to make it feel like a very Final Fantasy raids. I think the balancing they need to do here is not disconnect end game raiding from the ‘regular’ players and not the 1%ers, yeah good luck with that!

– Exciting New Alliance Raids – big news… but only during Tokyo, yeah Koji, I agree, REALLY????????????? come onnnnnn!!

– The Forbidden Land: Eureka – A brand new type of content, for exploration called Eureka. This is specific to Stormblood and may or may not contain NMs that spawn over certain amount of hours… why does this sound like XI HNM D: this are might be used for the next set of Zodiac or Anima weapons. They may have you do the ‘grind’ here instead of regular areas lol the lack of enthusiasm is hilarious


– New Gear and Recipes – will contain stuff from the recent gear design contest

– ITEM INVENTORY EXPANSION – gets the ginormous screams and yell it deserves, the look on Koji and YoshiP’s faces are awesome lmaol they said sorry for the LONgggg wait, THANK YOU! They said the team has been working around the clock for this ‘extreme’ inventory expansion, this better not be like ‘oh u get 10 more per job’ or something! They are saying that it’s not an easy fix due to the server structures. FFXIV profits are being diverted towards this large scale project, they are looking to maximize inventory as much as humanly possible. A server change of this magnitude needs to be carefully done, so they may split it into two phases for testing purposes.


– 4th Residential Area – Woo finally they are announcing the 4th area… wanna guess which one??? XD


He says he can’t tell us but he is teasing with either Ala Mhigo or Ishgard, I suspect it may be Ishgard!!! They are not telling us because it will affect the story line. It will be ready at the launch of Stormblood, time to go earn some gil 😡

Wooo here we go, while the team is still busy with 3.5, they were able to squeeze out some In-game footage of in development new areas, from which I have taken screenshots. I am going to try my darnedest not to get my Youtube Channel flagged again this time so ; ; screenshots it is

Will be heavily influenced by Garlean and Ala Mhigan architecture and cultural designs. I love this bit, since the occupation has been over 20 years now, there should definitely be a marry of the two cultures, so there will be a marriage between the designs. There are more than these planned for 4.0. More information will be coming from the other Fan Fests but also from the Letter from Producer Live.

All 4.0 areas will be accessible by flying mounts but we might need to gather the aether points, it’s at least easier than finding Moogles he says. I like this, stop whining audience! If you just have paid/free fly in the new zones, the content will die a horrible death, learn from WoW… they have to regress their flight design decisions now so late in the game because of this. So Square Enix doing this right off, is a good move.

Anddd that’s the most they can give us today, come on were we really expecting more?! A confirmation is good though, I can plan my 2017 schedule based on the data here!

If you’re looking to keep up with the story, join now! Or come back now! Here’s when the arc towards the Heavensward > Stormblood cliffhanger will start! Oh they did mention they will continue with the way Heavensward ‘companion’ mission questing with the NPCS work, WOO! I love that.

He has two more items to announce though:

  • Changes to Windows Version minimum SPEC requirements – it will be raised to keep up with the additional graphics quality etc, and also there’s really no reason to keep the older systems in mind. They recommend to a 64bit OS to get the most out of Stormblood (no biggie! Even my oldest PC is on 64 bit XD) But they assure that they will continue to support 32bit systems, they just really want us to upgrade if possible
  • End of Playstation 3 Support – wow the crowd went crazy over this lol and it sounds good so far and now they’re singing in joy wth lmaol!!!! They assure PS3 users that their support has been greatly appreciated but with the release of the PS4 version and the data supporting the number of upgrades, it’s time to retire the PS3 support. To show our PS3 fans an appreciation, they will do an upgrade campaign to PS4. YAY THANK GOD! Coz I missed the chance last time by accident 😦 so this is a free upgrade campaign, thank you!! User just needs to get the PS4 system, the upgrade is totally free.ff2016-16

    They do plan to support PS3 users up until the release of Stormblood, but as soon as the Stormblood patch downloads, the PS3 version will no longer work. Users should sign up for the upgrade before that, OMG I need to be reminded to do this! For returning PS3 players, they may implement an automatic update.

End of keynote, Stormblood art from Yoshitaka Amano:


Of course he instigated this ending….



Saturday Schedule:


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