Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Copying Hotbars and Cross Hot Bars Across Multiple Classes/Jobs

I made a quick video tutorial right after launch to show how to quickly have identical hotbar buttons setup across any job and classes. Have not found the time to edit and post it until today!

Example of usage: personally I really like being able to switch to all my class/jobs in the click of a button, instead of navigating to gear sets then selecting it, then selecting ‘Equip’. In order to facilitate this I drag the gear set icons from the Gear set menu and place them on my hot bar. I then copy this particular two sets of hot bars across all jobs/classes. The video below demonstrates how I organize my own hot bars, but feel free to utilize the tools and customize the game as much as you want within given parameters!

3 Simple Steps to Having Standard Hotbars Across all Jobs and Class
Step 1 – Customize a hotbar however you wish! If you want a hotbar full of gear sets, then open Gear set menu, click and drag gear set icons onto the hotbar
Step 2 – Make note of the hotbar number you’d like to copy to other classes
Step 3 – Use the text command below to copy hotbars from one class to another! Mix and match however you want! (getting carried away with the corny adsense here ; ūüėČ

Text Command for copying hotbars:
/hotbar copy [orginatingclass] [hotbarnumber] [targetclass] [hotbarnumber]

Example, if I want to copy Hotbar #4 from my Arcanist to Hobar #4 (or any other) on Warrior
/hotbar copy acn 4 war 4

Text Command for copying cross hotbars (identical to above except using crosshotbar):
/crosshotbar copy [orginatingclass] [hotbarnumber] [targetclass] [hotbarnumber]

Example, if I want to copy Hotbar #4 from my Arcanist to Hotbar #4 (or any other) on Warrior
/crosshotbar copy acn 4 war 4

#FFXIV A Realm Reborn – UI and HUD Scaling Guide

So… I am writing this up because it can be a little bit confusing…. but here is how to change your HUD/UI scale. You’ll have to do this for each element. There is no known way right now to universally make your UI smaller, so let’s all write feedback about this to SE! Let’s also mention that instead of just a keybind, they need to allow us a config setting with a bar for universal UI sizes

Note also that they’re adding more sizes later, so now we only have 3 choices, smaller, normal, bigger.

Thanks Len for pointing me to CNTRL+HOME >.> more ya know! Tutorial under the cut.

Where is the keybind for this?

System menu > Keybind > System > Change Window Size. You can set it whatever is more comfortable!


How to scale the UI Windows such as Journal, Hunting Log, Inventory, and any other game ‘Windows’?

Open any UI element you’d like to scale, example – Inventory/Bags, then just hit the above keybind ¬†(default is cntrl+home)¬†and it’ll scale it.







How to scale the HUD elements such as hotbars, crosshotbars, target bars, party list, etc?

Go to system menu > HUD Layout > Click on any element you wish to resize > use the keybind about (default is cntrl+home) > save







Below are screenshots comparing my UI before and after scaling… note this was a time consuming process since I had to go through every window to resize XD

Before scaling

Portions of my UI before scaling

After Scaling

UI After scaling, yay I can fit more stuff /happy!

Scaled HUD Layout

Scaled HUD Layout Screen


And here is my UI “Hide unassigned slots” disabled. To toggle this, go to system menu > Character Configuration > Hotbars > toggle

Hide Unused slots

Hide Unused slots


Unhide UI

Toggling “hide unassigned slot”

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – UI Scaling Is Coming!

UPDATE 08/16/2013 – I see a lot of hits to this page and wanted to give an updated tutorial. Happy Customizing!

FINALLY! So excited to hear this bit of news, was almost 99.99% sure they were going to do it anyways since it makes a tonne of sense, however did not want to hype it too much without official news, and here it is!

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Originally Posted by Hiroshi_Minagawa

In phase 4 we will be introducing a feature that will allow you to individually toggle the sizes of each kind of window including the HUD.
To start out the below three sizes will be possible:

  • 80% (smaller)
  • 100% (standard)
  • 120% (larger)

Below are a couple of things to note about this as well:

  • You can indicate different sizes for each window.
  • The display size is saved on a window to window basis and will be maintained even if you re-open a window.
  • The size settings will be saved even when logging in again.

Display process-wise it is possible to address this for 5% or even 300% size changes, so after launch we will be expanding the customizability range to be 50%-200% and making it possible to make even more minute changes.

*These size changes will also apply to buffs/debuffs since they are part of the HUD.
*These changes can also be made on the PS3 version.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Cross Hotbar and Hotbar Improvements

UPDATE 08/16/2013 РUI Scaling Tutorial added. Happy Customizing!

I have chosen not to publish the more in depth ‘future’ plan as I’m not sure if it’s against NDA. The items listed in it is still very early in development. However, I felt the next response was more suited for public consumption as its merely addresses questions and playstyles. I did however want to highlight this very specific portion of the main letter which has me very very very excited!

“”Although this was disabled after optimizing the build for phase 3, players will be able to cycle through enemies using L1 and R1 when the cross hotbar is active.””

Below is the full response from dev team regarding hotbars and cross hotbars.

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Originally Posted by Hiroshi_Minagawa 

To everyone worried about the gamepad controls,
In hindsight, my previous post listing additional settings and text commands makes the cross hotbar as a whole is a little confusing, and I apologize for that.We should have included a diagram in the manual to make it easier to understand, and we’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future.The four features being added in phase 4 will not impact gamepad configurations or your ability to play the game in any way. These are merely to give players more options should they feel the need to adjust their settings as they progress through the game.Essentially, players who choose to use a gamepad and cross hotbar*¬†should¬†be able to play smoothly up to about level 20 using default settings.

*The cross hotbar has three settings to choose from:

  • Hold – Hold L2 or R2 to activate the cross hotbar.
  • Toggle – Tap L2 or R2 to toggle the cross hotbar on and off.
  • Mixed – Tapping L2 or R2 functions like the Toggle option, while holding them functions like the Hold option.
    I personally recommend the default setting, Hold.¬†¬†(Aque’s note: NOOOOOOOOOOO use Mixed /nods)

Near level 30
By this time, you should have enough actions to create two sets of skills: those that are used during combat, and those that are used outside of combat.

Using the new setting to switch hotbar sets when you draw and sheathe your weapon, setting up these separate sets of skills should be much easier.

Past level 40
At this point, players will probably want two sets of skills for battle, or three if they use macros. While this is why we added macro commands that can be used for the cross hotbar, we believe using R1 to switch between two sets of skills mid-combat will be the easiest option.

Personally, I keep all of my battle actions in sets 1 and 2, with the same actions on buttons I use frequently („Äá and X) in both sets.

I use more hotbar sets since I have the same actions in several sets, but I find it much easier to play this way.

Playing through the main scenario, I was able to get by using two sets for battle and one set for outside of battle.

The UI is a tool created to accommodate a variety of classes, levels, and play styles for an enjoyable experience for years to come. To that end, the specs of the UI are much larger as a whole when compared to a traditional console game. There will also be more instances where players have a hard time understanding what certain features have been implemented for.

However, there’s no need to worry, as none of the features we’ve implemented are critical to playing the game. With that said, here are a few things we’ll be looking into for the cross hotbar.

  • How to best let players change settings to fit their preferences with easy to understand system explanations?
    • Create supplementary text, with documentation including recommended settings. (Help text alone would be insufficient.)
    • Reconsider the positioning, layout, and labels of settings in the configuration menus.
    • Possibly create recommended settings in addition to the default settings.
  • How to address the demand for UI settings similar to Version 1.0?
    • Consider gamepad controls using a standard hotbar in the same fashion as Version 1.0.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Using both Keyboard and Gamepad at the Same Time

Disabling direct chat from system menu > keybind > system > uncheck “Enable Direct Chat”


Can also be found under Character Config >


And now a gamepad user can use both gamepad and keyboard back and forth for full gameplay without going to type ‘w’ to move forward but then seeing that you typed the letter ‘w’ instead. With this, I can now job change using the primary hot bar, activate skills using secondary hot bar while also accessing cross hotbar. This makes me so so very happy


How to show both cross hotbar and regular hotbars at the same time
System menu > Char Config > Hotbars > Display – select any hotbars you wish to display
Then under “Sharing” make sure none of them are shared – this is personal preference though, as with both cross hotbar and hot bar enabled, my screen estate and number of skills available to mouse click has exponentially increased