SE Releases 30min Docudrama Showcasing Behind The Scenes of #LightningReturns

I am a sucker for SE games and always LOVE behind the scenes look at the FF franchise. This 30min video is a nice compilation of all of it. I especially loved the montage showing the hustle and bustle of Japan, and if they tilted the camera just so, it almost seems like we’re looking at a game world, perfectly fitting to the introspective narration. Hurray to all the creative, hard working and insane SE staff! Let the haters keep on hatin’ while you keep on doing what you love and do best!


Lightning Returns Retrospective is Win!

This is totally worth the watch!!! There are so many ways one can explain time travel and paradoxes, its a pretty complicated concept no matter that it is imaginary or creative. Playing through 13-2, I think they did a pretty good job portraying the insanity and chaotic nature of time traveling. If you expect this video to unravel that mess, don’t! There’s no way to! But it does bridge the games nicely if you haven’t played either of them recently. I’m pretty stoked for Lightning Returns!

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster – Gamescom Trailer

#FFXIII Lightning Returns Gamescom 2013 Trailer is Out!

Ok fine! Here’s the English voice acting too XD…

Getting Ready for Gamescom 2013!

May not be able to keep up with Gamescom like I normally would due to work, so placing all my usual links in a convenient list that I know Nain and the rest will use also XD Will continue to add to this as I find new items!

Website Links

Stream Archives

Livestream links

Square Enix Line Up

Last I heard square is not planning on live streaming GamesCom however I am hoping to get lucky and find a 3rd party streamer! 🙂 If you know of any do share!

Find the full lineup below.

  • Deus Ex: The Fall (iOS, Android) – playable kiosks
  • Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster (PS3, PSV) – playable kiosks, presentations
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3, PC) – playable kiosks, presentations, dedication with producer Naoki Yoshida
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix (PS3) – playable kiosks
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 360) – playable kiosks, presentations
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS3, 360, PC) – presentations
  • Thief (PS4, XBO, PC, PS3, 360) – presentations
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Kingdom Hearts III

Reposting the FFXIV Schedule
What: Gamescom 2013
Where: Cologne/Germany
When: August 21 to 25, 2013

Thursday (August 22)
From 2:30 pm to 3 pm (Presentation)
From 6 pm to 6:30 pm (Presentation)

Friday (August 23)
From 2:30 pm to 3 pm (Presentation)
From 6 pm to 6:30 pm (Presentation)
From 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm (Signing session)

Saturday (August 24)
From 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm (Presentation)
From 2:30 pm to 3 pm (Presentation)
From 6 pm to 6:30 pm (Presentation)
From 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm (Signing session)

  • Day 1 Roundup! First on the list, Kyle Bosman… coz Vid and I think he’s the coolest doodest dood ever (and he makes really valid rounduppy type points ehem)

#Playstation conference at #Gamescom 2013 now Live!

Two different links:

Project Phoenix Go Go!

Vivid linked me to Project Phoenix last night and I’ve been watching the Kickstarter ever since, the names are just incredible and I have a suspicion on who Take-B might be… if you watch the video you might see it in his art work!

Project Phoenix is a SQUAD-BASED, REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME combined with strong Japanese RPG design influences, brought to you by top Eastern and Western creators who have worked on many blockbuster game titles.

Platforms: Mainly for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam and our website. iOS and Android will have a different version to the PC counterparts due to limitations.
We are also working to have the game released on PlayStation 4 and other platforms but is yet to be confirmed.

Estimated release: Mid-2015.

# of Players: This game is primarily a single player game and we would like to focus on that aspect. We do have ideas for multiplayer and co-op modes but we’d only work on it if the multiplayer stretch goal is achieved.

Project Phoenix is a fantasy themed squad-based real-time strategy game combined with Japanese RPG design influences.  The game draws you in with its breathtaking fantasy world, deep storyline, Japanese character designs, and a memorable cast, most notably, the band of heroes under your command.  Furthermore, its intuitive real-time tactical combat is dynamic, fluid, and streamlined, allowing you to experience the strategic options without being bogged down by overwhelming archaic battle systems.

Throughout the adventure, players will piece together the mysteries of an angel with amnesia and travel through the land of Azuregard with an unusual band of heroes searching for answers.

City of Cordo by Koya Takahashi
City of Cordo by Koya Takahashi

Project Phoenix is being produced by some of the greatest creative talents in the video game industry, with credits including several Final Fantasies, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Valkyria Chronicles, L.A. Noire, Diablo III, Halo 4, Crysis 3, and much more.  Many of us have boldly committed ourselves to this ambitious project in a creative leap of faith  with the goal of changing the direction of the Japanese game industry. Now we need the extra push that only funding can give to help us move forward and complete the game!

The team includes such talents as:

More staff members will be announced as the development process continues!

Kingdom Hearts-HD 1.5 ReMIX- All About Kingdom Hearts FINAL MIX

Can’t wait to get my hands on this!! Pre-ordered it the moment it became available… yay Digital River pris don’t forget my order since it’s pretty old /nods

Now the problem is….. xiv progression or KH… I can always do both muahahah! With my current setup, I just put XIV on my 2nd monitor and switch to 2nd HDMI on my main to be on PS3 /flex

History of the Final Fantasy Series in Vintage Style Posters

Kenny linked me to a totally awesome gallery today, head on over to this artist’s imgur site to view it!

Final Fantasy XIV

Louisoix my hero!

Dragon’s Crown Live Stream

Vivid is streaming Dragon’s Crown for those of us who do not yet have a copy!
(if the channel says offline, it should come back up shortly)

Update: (streaming has concluded!) ^^