Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Stage Presentation at GamesCom 2013


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Interview at GamesCom 2013 – MMORPGITALIA

Questions are asked in Italian, translated to Japanese, YoshiP answered in Japanese and then Saori Hill (if you don’t know her, shocku! jk!) translates back into English, so we can still understand the answers and extrapolate what the questions were from there!

@reinheart Translate’s YoshiP’s #FFXIV 4Gamer Interview!


FFXIV 2013/08/23 4Gamer Interview Translation

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4GAMER: During the beta test phase 4 server increase was placed. Is it ok to think that you received more participants than what you expected?

YoshiP: We were prepared to do this and that is the reason why we were able to add new worlds with that speed, but honestly, we received much more participants than what we expected.

Although we placed restrictions on login and character creation, we didn’t experience any problems when adding the worlds, as a result I believe the players were able to get in the worlds smoothly and play.

(Reinheart: Yes, I know NA/EU servers had problems, but I’m guessing this interview is based on JP players, JP datacenter)

4GAMER: How did people react to the version released in this gamescom?

YoshiP: I believe the they players liked what they see as I received responses such as “I tried it out and this game turned out to be a great game so I’m looking forward to it”. There are many PC gamers in germany, and a lot are used to playing MMOs, I believe the impact of Eorzea Reborn was pretty big. We received comments such as “I haven’t seen a MMO where you fight full on with that type of large boss, it’s exciting!”

4GAMER: During beta test phase 4, aside from the legacy servers the level cap was at 20, about how much players reached the cap?

YoshiP: We haven’t checked the exact numbers, but I believe about 1/3 of the players probably reached level 20. There were those that were exploring enjoying the scenery, those that played for long time but didn’t exceed much in leveling, or those who got all 8 classes to level 20. Everyone was able to enjoy it at their own pace and I believe we were able to start like how MMORPGs normally would start.

4GAMER: Can you please let us know the ration between the Legacy players and new players?

YoshiP: That would depend on the definition of Legacy, but let me say that currently there are much more new players. There are those that don’t have legacy rights yet playing on the legacy server, I think that’s the result thanks to those previous FFXIV players who played to the end and inviting their friends over.

4GAMER: I think there were lots of first time MMORPG players during the beta test phase 4. How did those players react?

YoshiP: We heard from many that they were expecting MMORPG’s to be much harder, it’s good to be able to hear that from them. Yesterday I was interviewed by media from England and has mentioned that there isn’t any other MMORPG like Eorzea reborn which explains MMORPG and trying to expand MMORPG this much, being able to hear that was really wonderful.

YoshiP24GAMER: New dungeon trailer movie was released and within it had dungeons from previous game. Are there any changes aside from the looks, such as number of players, and strategy?

YoshiP: From the dungeons we introduced this time, most of them are 4 players, only one is for 8 players. Also “Amdapor Keep” dungeon is aimed for players over* level 50, this is something you challenge after you go through the scenario end, and after watching the staff roll.

YoshiP: For the dungeons that were used in previous version, we made adjustments to the length, amount of gimmicks, and difficulty. So, some of those dungeons that were aimed for level 50 in previous version is now aimed for a lot lower level. Then again, we do have the new ARR battle system in place so it should be challenging.

(Reinheart: *
Don’t ask me… it says 超えて koete… over… level cap increase maybe? Thought it wasn’t going to happen soon though, so maybe lv50 and up dungeon, unlike others which are lv45 and up.)

4GAMER: Look like even if the Legacy players play them, they should be able to clearly tell the difference.

YoshiP: Yes. I think for Totorak people may felt that there wasn’t much change, however for everything else, as you go higher up in the levels it’ll probably feel fresh. If you have previous FF14 knowledge may feel perplexed thinking “it’s wasn’t like this”.

4GAMER: During the beta test phase 4 you mentioned there was few tanks. What was the ratio between Tanks, Attackers, Healers?

YoshiP: In actual it wasn’t that there wasn’t enough tanks. Most of the Legacy players are at level 50 for battle classes and most of them were playing Arcanist. Since the Duty Finder matches with all the worlds including the Legacy world, it ended up with too much Arcanist, and as a result ended up in a situation where there were too many attackers. But, once the official service starts, if you are really going to run through the scenarios, I’m sure the Legacy players will stop playing Arcanist for a bit, so the balancing should be optimal then.

4GAMER: Was there any effect after calling out for help

(Reinheart: more tanks)

YoshiP: Feels like there was. I heard couple people mentioning the Duty Finders matching got faster.

4GAMER: As you go through higher level dungeons, it felt as if there wasn’t enough time to talk over with the party about the strategy or talk after the content.

YoshiP: In Eorzea Reborn contents, as long as the player doesn’t touch the enemy they will not attack, so by getting used to that, you should be able to discuss the strategy. We made sure you can understand this right before the boss battle, so it’s possible to plan out a strategy. Also, once you defeat the boss you just don’t have to leave through the gate, so I believe that you can still communicate fine.

4GAMER: Please explain to use the reasoning for implementing “Unknown gathering spots”*

(Reinheart: *Not sure what the English naming for this is, it’s for end game gatherers where you get to find a different type of gathering spot.)

YoshiP: We have developed it where if you gather in a optimal location, you’ll get the items you want, however if it’s just that people will get bored. Also, for example, if you’re able to craft something that is equivalent to a gear reward which takes a lot of tries in a battle content just because you can gather the items right away, it will affect the in-game economy. We prepared the “Unknown Gathering Spots” to avoid these type of situations.

4GAMER: You were testing PvP during the beta test phase 4, did the PvP turn out to be like what you wanted?

YoshiP: This time, the reason for the test was to check how much difference, if any, the graphics and server causes. As a result, there was a gap for 0.5 seconds than what we were expecting so we are going to fix and make adjustments by the next patch.

Some were saying that “Once you’re slept you can’t do anything”, but this is true for any MMORPG’s PvP. In that type of situation you use items which will make you more resistant to sleep, or equip gears which cuts the effect duration by half, that’s one of the fun elements for players to plan out. I believe out task it figure out a way to lead the players to those conclusions.

4GAMER: For Full Active Time Event (F.A.T.E.), how much new ones are planning to implement?

YoshiP: The Odin and Behemoth shown in the movie released is actually part of F.A.T.E. Behemoth battle is the type of F.A.T.E. which you need to accept, and if you don’t challenge with enough amount of people it’s going to be a big mess (laugh). For Odin, this F.A.T.E. happens at random and you will not know when it’s going to occur. These two F.A.T.E.s are the types we are aiming for F.A.T.E.s goal.

4GAMER: How hard is Behemoth and Odin?

YoshiP: It’s balanced to where you’ll need 4 full out parties, and the rest where they just want to go crazy, so I believe it’s pretty hard. Also, when we are going to do something more complex, we are thinking of making as a alliance contents, so please look forward to Crystal Tower. We are making adjustments so everyone can enjoy this content.

4GAMER: About how much European Legacy players are out there?

YoshiP: Depending on which point of data, that’s hard to answer, I’ll just say there are about same amount of Legacy players as Japans. The most is NA, which is about twice the amount of Japan.

4GAMER: That many huh.

YoshiP: NA players are straightforward. Once they try it out, if they like it they will play, if it’s boring they won’t play, the make that part clear. At the end timing of beta test phase 4, the amount increase from Amazon purchases was crazy.

As for Japan, I believe there are people still observing the situation, but at the end timing of beta test phase 3, we were told by SCEJA that the PS3 download reservations reached the most in history. So, I believe there were many players even for Japan that tried the demo and decided to purchase.

4GAMER: Depending on the region, are there any difference in what type of characters they favor?

YoshiP: Lots are crazy for Lalafells. For Miqo’tes it varies from regions but for no matter who you ask from any country they all say Lalafells are cute.

Also there are many western players who are planning to play as Roegadyn as they are going to play as Tank mainly.

4GAMER: How did the players react once the market was released?

YoshiP: You won’t use market at level 20, so not many used it, but that was as expected. When playing 2nd, 3rd class, it’s faster to just buy rather than going into dungeons so that’s when the market will be used more.

4GAMER: Do you have any plans for new players starting from Eorzea Reborn to grasp the story of previous FF14? I understand it’s in the Collectors Edition DVD.

YoshiP: For me, it shouldn’t be where you need to see that to understand the previous FF14’s story. FFXIV ARR isn’t FF14-2. Therefore, this time if you play through the Eorzea Reborn’s story up until where you see the ending credits, you’ll be able to grasp what happened in the past.

YoshiP: Also I strongly recommend everyone to watch the ending credits till the last second, it doesn’t just end as a ending credit, it has something relates to the future patches storyline.

4GAMER: What do you have to do to be able to watch the ending credits?

YoshiP: As a new title for Final Fantasy, it will run through once you accomplish a major goal in your adventure. If I say to much, it will become spoiler, but I believe you’ll feel as if you cleared one Final Fantasy title for sure. After clearing, there is a secret in the ending credits, so please check it out.

chocobo4GAMER: So it’s going to further expand.

YoshiP: It may sound like a manga that got cut short but it’s something like “Our fight starts here” and there is something more afterwards, so you’ll be able to enjoy the later new Final Fantasy stories. We made sure that it’s not something that requires many months to play to be able to reach. We hope the players enjoy them as a story from a new title from Final Fantasy.

4GAMER: Lightning from FF13 comes out in Eorzea Reborn. Is there anything in particular that you are being careful when adding feature from other titles?

YoshiP: For Lightning, we made sure to come up with a good reason which explains at what point of her life she came into Eorzea, and what meaning it holds for her to being in Eorzea.

For example FF7’s Aerith, Aerith is that character because we have that scene. Her life ended there and if she ended up in Eorzea it would be weird. We are making sure it has a meaning to the world of Final Fantasy, so it doesn’t just simply mean just because that character is popular we’re just going to bring it in.

4GAMER: In current MMOs there are many exquisite methods of transportation. What kinds of things are you planning for Eorzea Reborn?

YoshiP: I’ve been saying “We have to do flying.” One of the interesting part of Final Fantasy is to imagine what kind of airships and how they will fly, so we want to make it a mount where everyone will be surely be surprised.

4GAMER: In one the even battles, music from FF2 was used, are there any other similar features?

YoshiP: There are couple music which uses phrases from previous series, I think even if you played the original title, there are those that don’t know. Also, not only music, we added in lots of texts which will make old fans smile, so please search for them.

4GAMER: I believe there are many waiting for the PS4 version. Can you please advise the current status of the PS4 version?

YoshiP: I think it’s going to be much earlier than most are expecting (laugh). I have mentioned this before but, we are making adjustments to transfer service so people will be satisfied playing the PS3 version. We’ll make an announcement for this not too long from now, but for now we would like players to play Eorzea Reborn and LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII on current generation machine (laugh).

4GAMER: Is there any plans for collaboration with the PS4 itself?

YoshiP: Would’ve been nice if we could meet the launch timing, but if we release something like that at a timing when there is an existing community, I feel bad. of course, if Eorzea Reborn becomes really popular that may be a possibility but we’ll decide on this carefully.

4GAMER: Can you you please give a message to the fans along with those people “still observing and waiting”

YoshiP: Western medias are straightforward and I’ve been asked what will you tell those who decided that they were disappointed by previous FF14 and never going to buy another Final Fantasy title. As a result we lost their trust in us, so I believe it’s not that easy to let us back in after being hated. We can only make something that is fun for those that are actually playing. So I don’t mind them just observing. In Eorzea Reborn we made it so you can enjoy even if you missed the start dash. Please listen and read the reviews, and start when and if your friends invite you, that should be totally fine. If you can then say that it’s fun! Interesting! That will make us happy as well.

4GAMER: Thank you very much.


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What: Gamescom 2013
Where: Cologne/Germany
When: August 21 to 25, 2013


Thursday (August 22)

  • From 2:30 pm to 3 pm (Presentation)
  • From 6 pm to 6:30 pm (Presentation)

Friday (August 23)

  • From 2:30 pm to 3 pm (Presentation)
  • From 6 pm to 6:30 pm (Presentation)
  • From 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm (Signing session)

Saturday (August 24)

  • From 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm (Presentation)
  • From 2:30 pm to 3 pm (Presentation)
  • From 6 pm to 6:30 pm (Presentation)
  • From 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm (Signing session)