How to Place Pet in #FFXIV

I made this a little bit ago as to respond to a question. It is critical that the scholar faerie pet be placed accordingly. She has a wonderful aoe heal that she spams, but it has a very limited range. She is also more responsive when she’s not furthest away from tank for example. I have noticed that her cure ranges in general are shorter than our own, will need to find time to do more conclusive testing on it.

Also, yes it moves the camera. Almost like fps targeting? I don’t play fps’s but it seems similar to when hubby to use to die to counter strike alot! muahaha

Unlike wow’s placement mechanics which is actually more efficient in hectic fights since you don’t have to swivel your camera here and there to do things. It does take some getting used to. The magic damage limit break for example uses the same tech among other things as well.