FFXIV Fan Festival Day 2 Summary


Las Vegas Fan Festival Day 2 is over and tomorrow YoshiP and team will be on a flight to prepare for London Fan Fest next weekend! What did we learn today?

  • Patch 2.4 rolls out October 28th (nothing new here, everyone figured it’d be out very soon after the London Fan Fest but nice to have official confirmation!)
  • YoshiP is still a troll
  • The Live Letter didn’t give much more new information but did confirm a few things
  • New housing ward will be made available, but in the form of ‘subdivisions’. The explanation seemed a bit complicated so instead of typing it up, I just made a quick excerpt of that section below.
  • Final Coil of Bahamut will have 4 turns. First will be doable with current i110 gear, 2nd turn will be more challenging, turn 3 and 4 is supposed to be insane.
  • The Hildibrand quests are going to continue being hilarious but the storyline ends before 3.0. Pretty sure they won’t phase out Hildi but YoshiP would not commit to yes or no. Short intro to Ultros and Typhon from the questline below. The music is absolutely awesome and brings such nostalgia for the older games!
  • There was an interesting discussion about echo and adjustments to the difficulty of Second Coil of Bahamut. I made a clip of it below. I’ve heard many different view points on content ‘nerfing’ in a way, which you can tell the audience wants things to remain ‘hard’. I understand both view points, and agree with what the producers need to balance in term of financial profitability from content. It’s a huge discussion and everyone has their own opinions. My two cents: what does matter in the long run? Allowing more players to catch up means profit for the company which in turns allow them to create harder content for future patches which the 1%ers will eat up quickly and then move on.
  • Also of note, in content where there is a weekly lock out, they are trying to balance out a system which will allow players to assist other LS mates. We’ve been asking for this for ages, not being able to help friends after weekly Coil clear for example was the poop!
  • Ninja gear – looks like it’ll be sharing with Monk for contents up to 2.3. Then it starts to get specialized.
  • Ninja primary stat – dexterity
  • The marriage system is called Eternal Bond and a limit will be placed on number of ceremonies allowed per day. Sort of like RL wedding halls, gotta book it?!
  • Best of Show cosplayer was the amazing Garuda. So many awesome cosplays, very impressive
  • To everyone who got to go and then got to win a Titan at the Raffle … /stinkeye /jealousy!!!
  • A bunch more small details here and there, watch the full live letter below

Full Live Letter From the Producer at Las Vegas Fan Festival




FFXIV Fan Festival Day 1 Summary


What did we learn today:

  • YoshiP is a giant troll (which is why he rocks)
  • Soken’s energy is infectious
  • Gondai’s small team works their butt off with amazing skills
  • Dark Knight (or something of similar name pretty much confirmed by TrollShiP)
    Me: Vivid, yoshiP was trolling about jobs and batman and Nolan and shit, please decipher!
    Vivid: Dark Knight
    Me: oh… OH ohOHHHHHHHH!
  •  My previous post about Samurai has apparently been making the rounds as “data mined at fan fest” wut….. rumormille machine chug chug chug XD
  • Viangaa is a thang, no really YoshiP…… oh fine

New Job

New Playable Race

FFXIV Opening Keynote Pretty Screencaps

The Dravanian Foreland

The Dravanian Foreland

Mysterious Floating Land Mass

Mysterious Floating Land Mass

Mysterious Floating Land Mass

Mysterious Floating Land Mass

Holy See of Ishgard

Holy See of Ishgard

Holy See of Ishgard

Holy See of Ishgard

Holy See of Ishgard

Holy See of Ishgard

Golden Saucer?

Golden Saucer?

FFXIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas Kicks Off With A BANG! Go YoshiP! It’s My Birthday… Not Really!


Welps, thank god I woke up in time to set up and watch the funnest kick off to a fan festival evar! (rivaled only by the PUP announcement hilarity back in the good ole ffxi days!)

Mini trailer will come after some bullet points about FFXIV 3.0: Heavensward Coming in Spring 2015!

  • Level cap raise to 60 for all Disciples
  • New large scale areas
  • All new primals!
  • New High End Raids
  • More than 4 new dungeons
  • Ishgard as the 4th City State
  • Obviously the entire Ishgard story: Dragonsong War
  • MULTIPLE New Jobs! Japan/London will be revealing details
  • FC Airship – areas that are being hinted as being reachable only by these airships (they didn’t say but with the snerking going around it sounds like it?)
  • New Gear New Recipes (the usual)
  • They’re sharing the reveal details with London and Japan, so more details throughout the weekend and in another week
  • UPDATE:! New Beastman races (Dravanian is considered a beastman race)

FFXIV 3.0 Heavensward New Expansion Reveal Mini Trailer

Ishgard As The 4th City State

One of the new zones: The Dravanian Foreland

Happy Holidays to all #FFXIV Players and SE Staff!

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Odin Makes Excalibur Cry

I just realized I have not made a blog post in… 6 days! OMG! End of the world! Between work ramping up, hubby  and starting a 3rd DM Group for Bahamut’s Coil, life is pretty hectic these days. So to get myself back into the groove of news digging, I’m reposting some videos I upped but never mentioned XD

On August 29th, Odin visited Excalibur and completely trounced us…

On September 1st…. Excalibur fought back and won! Congratulations to DM FC mates who received the achieve and gold medal!
Yes yes… in the video below I was doing a lot of running around doing nothing lol. You can’t see it from the video but I was experimenting with a new targeting filter to see what works best for targeting Odin. In the end it just devolved to running right through him to tab target (even if he does not appear on your screen) to get a lock on him but you have to stand pretty close to his AOE (I have another video that demonstrates this better, need to find it though >< over 3 TB of encoded videos for the game so far….)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Behemoth Fate Is AWESOME!

I am lucky to say I have a rockin pc and gaming setup, and I am loving that the game takes advantage of it. It loads just enough people around me for me to useful as a healer and with the new gamepad targeting system (I will write up a guide for this soon I promise!), I had no issue running around ‘tabbing’ with the gamepad and since Behemoth is the only enemy target in this particular area, its super easy to get him.

I have heard that some people can be right on top of him and he will not load, I also notice that whoever you have target on including Focus Target, will always display, so there is some display AI and priorities at work here. I’m pressure sure there were several hundred players in that same space and I did not feel a lick of lag not at all ❤ it! The targeting for me was pretty simple and whenever I lost sight of him, I ran in towards the concentration of battle effects (pretty useful to have them turned on here!)

I think SE should consider making these types of FATE give full priority to displaying the HNM and it’s pops (like adds etc.). Regardless, without further ado, here is the video, enjoy!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Relic Reborn To-Do List

Finally starting to take stock of end game and events and in browsing the forums, I see players are already offering guides which rock! Yay community! I will be posting two different lists here, one from BG and one from official forums.

Relic Reborn guide courtesy of Rogue Muse on the official forums, this one lists the materials needed for the synths. (Work in progress)

NOTE: This is a bare-bones, spoiler/story free-ish quest guide. Information is compiled from various sources, including bluegartr and people posting on the forum. Credit goes to the people who shared the information. There are still a few variables, so please post if you can flesh out the missing data.

1 – Pre-requisite: Complete Class and Job quests for respective weapon. If you did all job quests in 1.0, you will still need to do them all again regardless of having it already fully unlocked.

2 – Pre-requisite: Complete Main Scenario Quest (You will need to complete Aurum Vale and have access to Amdapor Keep)

3 – Talk to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay to pick up quest “A Relic Reborn”

4 – Talk to Rowena in Revenant’s Toll

5 – Talk to Gerolt in Hyrstmill

6 – Go to respective Beastmen Stronghold and find ‘broken’ weapon
Zaha’rak = PLDMNK 
Natalan = BRDDRG 
U’Ghamaro Mines = WARWHMBLM
Sapsa Spawning Grounds = SCH
Sylphlands = SMN

7 – Craft/Buy Class weapon and double meld with grade III Materia *see recipe section below*
PLD = Aeolian Scimitar + 2 Battledance III
WAR = Barbarian’s Bardiche + 2 Battledance III
MNK = Wilding Cesti + 2 Savage Aim III
DRG = Champion’s Lance + 2 Savage Aim III
BRD = Longarm’s Composite Bow + 2 Heaven’s Eye III
WHM = Madman’s Whispering Rod + 2 Quicktongue III
BLM = Sanguine Scepter + 2 Savage Might III
SCH = Erudite’s Picatrix Of Healing + 2 Quicktongue III
SMN = Erudite’s Picatrix Of Casting + 2 Savage Might III

**WARNING** There are bugs on the WAR and SMN quest logs. There is a conflict between the weapon needed and what the quest dialogue says. The warrior quest help says you need the BLM sceptre, and the SMN text asks for the SCH book of healing. You should use the ‘correct’ one listed above and not what the quest tracker says.

8 – Obtain Alumina Salts from D’horme Chimera in Coerthas. You must complete this duty as the JOB you are getting the weapon for.

9 – Obtain Amdapoor Glyph from Amdapoor Keep. You must complete this duty as the JOB you are getting the relic for. You get the glyph upon exiting the dungeon. Exchange with Rowena for “Interview with a Padjal”

10 – Slay 24 beastmen in respective stronghold. You need to do so, on the correct JOB and using the UNFINISHED WEAPON.
PLD = 8x Zahar’ak Lancers, 8x Pugilists, 8x Thaumaturges
BRD = 8x Natalan Boldwings, 8x Fogcallers, 8x Windtalons
WHM = 8x U’Ghamaro Quarrymen, 8x Bedesmen, 8x Preists
SCH = 8x Sapsa Shelfspine, 8x Shelfclaw, 8x Shelftooth
SMN = 8x Sylpheed Sighs, 8x Screeches, 8x Snarls

**WARNING** There are bugs on the PLD quest. The quest tracker will say you should kill Zahar’ak Archers, when you need to kill Thaumaturges

11 – Slay Hydra in Halatali. You must complete this duty as the JOB you are getting the relic for.

12 – Obtain White-Hot Ember from Ifrit (Hard). You must complete this duty as the JOB you are getting the relic for.

13 – Obtain Howling Gale from Garuda (Hard). You must complete this duty as the JOB you are getting the relic for.

14 – Obtain Hyperfused Ore from Titan (Hard). You must complete this duty as the JOB you are getting the relic for.

15 – Purchase “Bottle of Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil” for 900 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy

Melded Weapon Recipies

They all require one or more items from the “rare” gathering nodes as well as a special item. These can be obtained from chests in the Wanderer’s Palace dungeon. NEW! You can also apparently obtain these items as random rewards for r45 Tradescraft Leves.

Item: Aeolian Scimitar
Crafter: BSM
Ingredients: 1x Darksteel Nugget, 1x Blunt Aeolian Scimitar, 1x Basilisk Whetstone

Item: Barbarian’s Bardiche
Crafter: BSM r50
Ingredients: Darksteel Nugget, 1x Bloody Bardiche Head, 1x Basilisk Whetstone

Item: Champion’s Lance
Crafter: CRP r50
Ingredients: 1x Spruce Lumber, 1x Bloody Lance Head

Item: Wildling’s Cesti
Crafter: LTW r50
Ingredients: 1x Darksteel Nugget, 1x Bloody Cesti Covers

Item: Longarm’s Composite Bow
Crafter: CRP r50
Ingredients: 1x Spruce Lumber, 1x Bloody Bow Rim

Item: Madman’s Whispering Rod
Crafter: ALC r50
Ingredients: 1x Growth Formula Delta, 1x, Thavnairian Mistletoe, 1x Vampire Plant

Item: Sanguine Scepter
Crafter: GSM r50
Ingredients: 1x Darksteel Nugget, 1x Pinprick Pebble

Item: Erudite’s Picatrix Of Casting
Crafter: ALC r50
Ingredients: 1x Enchanted Gold Ink, 1x Bloody Grimoire Binding

Item: Erudite’s Picatrix Of Healing
Crafter: ALC r50
Ingredients: 1x Enchanted Gold Ink, 1x Bloody Grimoire Binding

Base Ingredient Locations:
Darksteel Ore: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Mining – Rare Node – 1:00 am Eorzea Time
Gold Sand: Drybone (Eastern Thanalan) Quarrying – Rare Node – 5:00 am Eorzea Time
Spruce Log: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Logging – Rare Node – 10:00 am Eorzea Time
Thavnarian Mistletoe: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Logging – Rare Node – 5:00 pm Eorzea Time
Vampire Plant: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Logging – Rare Node – 5:00 pm Eorzea Time
Trillium Bulb: Hawthorne Hut (East Shroud) Harvesting – Rare Node – 10:00 pm Eorzea Time

Cinnabar (Quicksilver): Low level mining
Rocksalt: Low level mining
Basilisk Egg: Drops from basilisk-type monsters
Spoken Blood: Drops from djigga-type monsters

Blunt Aeolian Scimitar – Wanderer’s Palace (First chest before Goobbue NM)
Bloody Cesti Covers – Wanderer’s Palace (First chest before Goobbue NM)
Bloody Lance Head – Wanderer’s Palace (Chests before Pudding NM)
Bloody Grimoire Binding – Wanderer’s Palace (Chests before Pudding NM)
Bloody Bardiche Head – Wanderer’s Palace (Chests before Pudding NM)
Bloody Bow Rim – Wanderer’s Palace (Chests before Pudding NM)
Pinprick Pebble – Wanderer’s Palace (Chests before Pudding NM)

Relic Reborn checklist below credit Gentaro of BG Forums

Relic walkthrough:

  1. Finish Main Story + Class Quests
  2. Talk to the dungeon guy in Vesper Bay
  3. Rowena @ Revenants Toll
  4. Gerolt @ Hyrstmill
  5. Grab broken relic in a beastmen stronghold
  6. Double III Class Weapon meld (for WHM -> madman’s whispering rod + 2 Quicktongue III)
  7. Alumina Salts from Chimera in Cutters Cry
  8. Amdapor Glyph from Amdapor Keep
  9. Slay 24 mobs in a certain beastman dungeon
  10. Slay Hydra @ Halatali
  11. White-hot ember from Ifrit Hard
  12. Howling Gale from Garuda Hard
  13. Hyperfused Ore from Titan Hard


#FFXIV Then and Now: A Look at Primals in Version 1.0 and A Realm Reborn

If you have not read this yet… please do! I’ve read some of Anonymoose’s post on the official forums and he’s truly a lore nut in all the good ways. I’ve seen a number of searches/questions for “ffxiv version 1.0 lore” and have been contemplating putting together a ‘links to places you can read about lore’ post… but never really found that cohesive, story driven content that would best represent the story of 1.0 once YoshiP and team got their hands on it. Anonymoose did an amazing job putting this together and the Ferne himself attests to it! Let’s support more community and player driven content!