#FFXIV Server Down Lalafell Fun Times!

Weeeeee Only about a year or more since my last Lalazea video! Been super busy! We also filmed the usual ‘before server shuts down so AP and friends get together and do random shit for giant early access maintenance’ bit… but I didn’t have time to finish editing it 😦

Leaving for vacation tomorrow so will be missing out on the fun first two days of early access, have fun everyone!! Don’t spoil shit for me… /evil glare!! See you guys on Sunday!

Without further ado… the much smaller lala brigade but stronger non the less!

Gobbie Boom!

FFXIV Casuals vs. Alexander Savage Adventure Continues!

Hurray!! We’re about 3 weeks behind schedule but we still did it! Our last run as a full group was on 08/20 and we got to enraged on the very last Widow. Immediately after that we went into a hiatus for around 3 weeks due to Vacations, PAX Prime and work commitments. During the hiatus we were informed that one of our static mates had been offered an amazing new job and we’re super happy for him, grats Gee! He was our gobwalker operator though, which means we were back to square one. Our drg Tizmo was then assigned the gobwalker role overnight puahaha ❤ Tizzy

We did get weekly AS1 clears with partial pugging and we’d sometimes pop into AS2 for some learning runs but in general it was not super serious. We finally started running in earnest again last Thursday, which was Tiz’s first time handling the gobwalker. We went back in again this Monday and was able to get to last wave with her learning on the fly, thanks KiePie (/snorts) for coming to our run!!

On Tuesday, we flagged up PF and lucked into awesome Luminos, a monk who decided to join us in our AS2 adventure after the AS1 weekly clear. We finally beat the fight on the 2nd try!! Good job Tizzy for getting into the rhythm and flow of the gobwalker so fast!! Luminos will be running with us as we learn AS3, woohoo!!

Not sure how much we can accomplish in the next week or so before Dakana jets off to Europe for a month along with other RL schedules for the rest of us.

So here’s to the casual laife /toast and being able to enjoy content with very little play time woo hoo!! Grats static and looking forward to our run tonight! Death doom doom doom!

Devastation of Bahamut

Eeeeeeee FFXIV 2nd Year Anniversary Fun!!

Oh My Ifrit!

meeting 2.0 Ifrit for the first time yeeekss!

Wow does time FLY!! Can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since ARR launched. Out of nostalgia, went back through and looked at footage from launch until now. I remember not sleeping the entire first week or two of ARR Launch >< I managed to fit in work, life, and non stop FFXIV while taking short naps everytime the server went down, thank god! In a way it was fun but primarily I’m NEVER DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT!! Ever! AGAIN! All done crazy youthful days of staying up every single night playing games lol!

Aque The Weaver

trying to look cute for the camera after grinding all HQ crafting sets in the second week of ARR

I could tell just how delirious I must have been from the raw footage that I was sifting through, it is a giant mess of jumbled together bits and pieces, what was I doing here, why am I doing this quest, wait, who am I? WHERE AM I? It’s pretty hilarious! Heavensward was a much saner experience for me, I took it slow, steady and old lady like /pats self

Exploring Heavensward

poking around Fortemp’s Manor and talking to every NPC in Heavensward!

Cannot wait for the 14 hour live stream! And for the anniversary event in game, minions gimme gimme (on a side note, both carbie plushies arrived last week, OMG MINIONSS). I’m not planning on staying up all night but thank god SE scheduled it for a weekend so that if I do stay up, I won’t be such a zombie while at work!

Version 1.0 Aque

Aque in 1.0! Not too shabby! I literally changed nothing from 1.0 to ARR, this is also the closest model I could find to my FFXI character!

I also look forward to the creative process that always seem to occur around the anniversary date! Hopefully everyone will also enjoy my random video shoo shoos!

When the 1.0 servers went down, I made the following FMV, out of feels and also from great anticipation for what 2.0 was to bring:

Final Fantasy XIV FMV: Twilight Over Eorzea

This next one was created during last year’s anniversary! It was inspired by something Mr. Housing said.

Final Fantasy XIV FMV: Where It All Began, The Path to A Ream Reborn

From: Yoichi Wada, Mr. Housing
“Thank you for playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

For me, the most memorable part of this journey was the “End of an Era” trailer, which bridged 1.0 and ARR. The team worked as one to claw its way up from the rock bottom we’d hit in 2010, and this trailer marked the point at which we felt we could finally bring our FFXIV to the fans again. I remember how deeply moved I was, seeing that we did in fact make FFXIV a true FINAL FANTASY title while at the same time personally coming to terms with what had happened.

Through your fandom, we were able to make a fresh start. Please continue to help make FFXIV all it can be.”

This one was created after the conclusion of the 2.0 storyline, with the insane cliff hanger heading towards 3.0. It’s not technically an anniversary video but it felt appropriate at the time I was making it:

Final Fantasy XIV FMV: Of Families, Friends and Foes

Looking forward to celebrating the 2nd Anniversary with everyone!! SPAZZZZZZZZZZZ!! woo wooo!!!

Final Fantasy XIV 3.0: Heavensward Main Scenario Quests

FFXIV Heavensward Story is Dragon Epic!

Square Enix and story telling has always been the WINNINGEST combo (yes that’s a word, you shush now). There were definitely some cable TV moments with some of the threads in the story, you know when the writer wants to wring out every last drop of your tears!! /stares at writers…. /stareeee….. but it’s all understandable in the grand scheme of things. We continue rushing along to where the story of Eorzea is taking us.

I still recall the very first instant in 1.0 when we heard whispers of the Ascians, saw shadows of their presence in Eorzea, then in 2.0 where the story was revolved entirely around their machinations. But in 3.0, despite the continued Ascian presence and the impending BIG BAD to come, we still got to meet some amazing new characters and experienced many emotional moments in the story.

With the continued improvements of the graphics and game engine, SE team was able to tell a heart tugging, awe inspiring story of decades old deceit, betrayal, love and friendship. This time around I’m glad I was able to truly and absolutely enjoy it at my own pace and time, from the grand and epic main story to the smaller touching side quests, everything was incredibly well done.

Yes, even the side quests! You end up caring for characters or having high hopes for them only to find it dashed and bloodied in the snow, where only a satchel of their belongings are left behind. If you have not done the Ishgard side quests, I recommend you do it! And the Gnath side quests too! And the Moogles, even though you may want to wring their cute fluffy little necks after, I bet you’ll still have your ‘favorite’ kupo in there somewhere!

But we’re getting sidetracked, let’s go back to the main story! THANK YOU SQUARE ENIX for giving us a complicated involved story line that we can enjoy, thank you for giving us meaningful main arcs and enjoyable mini arcs, so that we can feel accomplishment along with all the characters. Most of all, thank you for giving us an NPC team that TRAVELS WITH US, engages in battles along side us, and is THERE where the moments matter. I am especially loving all the quest scenario that takes you on a journey from one place to the other with memories made along the way (Leaving Moghome, Dravanian Forelands etc.) I am absolutely looking forward to the story continuation in the next patch!

Walking Down Memory Lane

I’ve always wanted to go back through and read npc dialogues or re-experience the story, as my main character, which is why I film the entire process (yes even during ARR but I’m still working on those files! It’s a mess!). After a few weeks of editing, re-watching, organizing and publishing, I finally completed my Heavensward Main Scenario Quest playlist on Youtube!! I hope this is as helpful to others as it has been to me, although watching it from the viewpoint of someone not your character is a bit poo poo ; ;

#FFXIV Tataru – Lil Ass Kicker?

I’m posting this coz Vid linked it to me and was freaking out /lalafellpowahhhhh

tataru the cutaru ass kickeraru..?

tataru the cutaru ass kickeraru..?