Gobbie Boom!

FFXIV Casuals vs. Alexander Savage Adventure Continues!

Hurray!! We’re about 3 weeks behind schedule but we still did it! Our last run as a full group was on 08/20 and we got to enraged on the very last Widow. Immediately after that we went into a hiatus for around 3 weeks due to Vacations, PAX Prime and work commitments. During the hiatus we were informed that one of our static mates had been offered an amazing new job and we’re super happy for him, grats Gee! He was our gobwalker operator though, which means we were back to square one. Our drg Tizmo was then assigned the gobwalker role overnight puahaha ❤ Tizzy

We did get weekly AS1 clears with partial pugging and we’d sometimes pop into AS2 for some learning runs but in general it was not super serious. We finally started running in earnest again last Thursday, which was Tiz’s first time handling the gobwalker. We went back in again this Monday and was able to get to last wave with her learning on the fly, thanks KiePie (/snorts) for coming to our run!!

On Tuesday, we flagged up PF and lucked into awesome Luminos, a monk who decided to join us in our AS2 adventure after the AS1 weekly clear. We finally beat the fight on the 2nd try!! Good job Tizzy for getting into the rhythm and flow of the gobwalker so fast!! Luminos will be running with us as we learn AS3, woohoo!!

Not sure how much we can accomplish in the next week or so before Dakana jets off to Europe for a month along with other RL schedules for the rest of us.

So here’s to the casual laife /toast and being able to enjoy content with very little play time woo hoo!! Grats static and looking forward to our run tonight! Death doom doom doom!

FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2015 in Costa Del Sol is a great idea!!

I FINALLY! found some time to do the Moonfire Faire quests this past weekend and LOVE that it’s hosted in Costa Del Sol this year. I’m not too keen on the swimsuit though for lalafell ;x I think it may look better on lala designs if it had some ribbon or frill to separate our torso from the rest of us instead of making us look more and more like a puntable ball! grr rawrr

If you haven’t done the quest yet, do so!! It starts in Limsa Lominsa Aftcastle and then sends you to Costa Del Sol for a PROPER beach party, so much fun, and fireworks on the beach is awesome as always!

Here’s the primary questline:

Not much of a grind for the tokens to buy vanity items and chimes, pretty lovely chimes! There are repeatable quests that you can do on crafter and gatherers.

Devastation of Bahamut

Eeeeeeee FFXIV 2nd Year Anniversary Fun!!

Oh My Ifrit!

meeting 2.0 Ifrit for the first time yeeekss!

Wow does time FLY!! Can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since ARR launched. Out of nostalgia, went back through and looked at footage from launch until now. I remember not sleeping the entire first week or two of ARR Launch >< I managed to fit in work, life, and non stop FFXIV while taking short naps everytime the server went down, thank god! In a way it was fun but primarily I’m NEVER DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT!! Ever! AGAIN! All done crazy youthful days of staying up every single night playing games lol!

Aque The Weaver

trying to look cute for the camera after grinding all HQ crafting sets in the second week of ARR

I could tell just how delirious I must have been from the raw footage that I was sifting through, it is a giant mess of jumbled together bits and pieces, what was I doing here, why am I doing this quest, wait, who am I? WHERE AM I? It’s pretty hilarious! Heavensward was a much saner experience for me, I took it slow, steady and old lady like /pats self

Exploring Heavensward

poking around Fortemp’s Manor and talking to every NPC in Heavensward!

Cannot wait for the 14 hour live stream! And for the anniversary event in game, minions gimme gimme (on a side note, both carbie plushies arrived last week, OMG MINIONSS). I’m not planning on staying up all night but thank god SE scheduled it for a weekend so that if I do stay up, I won’t be such a zombie while at work!

Version 1.0 Aque

Aque in 1.0! Not too shabby! I literally changed nothing from 1.0 to ARR, this is also the closest model I could find to my FFXI character!

I also look forward to the creative process that always seem to occur around the anniversary date! Hopefully everyone will also enjoy my random video shoo shoos!

When the 1.0 servers went down, I made the following FMV, out of feels and also from great anticipation for what 2.0 was to bring:

Final Fantasy XIV FMV: Twilight Over Eorzea

This next one was created during last year’s anniversary! It was inspired by something Mr. Housing said.

Final Fantasy XIV FMV: Where It All Began, The Path to A Ream Reborn

From: Yoichi Wada, Mr. Housing
“Thank you for playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

For me, the most memorable part of this journey was the “End of an Era” trailer, which bridged 1.0 and ARR. The team worked as one to claw its way up from the rock bottom we’d hit in 2010, and this trailer marked the point at which we felt we could finally bring our FFXIV to the fans again. I remember how deeply moved I was, seeing that we did in fact make FFXIV a true FINAL FANTASY title while at the same time personally coming to terms with what had happened.

Through your fandom, we were able to make a fresh start. Please continue to help make FFXIV all it can be.”

This one was created after the conclusion of the 2.0 storyline, with the insane cliff hanger heading towards 3.0. It’s not technically an anniversary video but it felt appropriate at the time I was making it:

Final Fantasy XIV FMV: Of Families, Friends and Foes

Looking forward to celebrating the 2nd Anniversary with everyone!! SPAZZZZZZZZZZZ!! woo wooo!!!

Final Fantasy XIV 3.0: Heavensward Main Scenario Quests

FFXIV Heavensward Story is Dragon Epic!

Square Enix and story telling has always been the WINNINGEST combo (yes that’s a word, you shush now). There were definitely some cable TV moments with some of the threads in the story, you know when the writer wants to wring out every last drop of your tears!! /stares at writers…. /stareeee….. but it’s all understandable in the grand scheme of things. We continue rushing along to where the story of Eorzea is taking us.

I still recall the very first instant in 1.0 when we heard whispers of the Ascians, saw shadows of their presence in Eorzea, then in 2.0 where the story was revolved entirely around their machinations. But in 3.0, despite the continued Ascian presence and the impending BIG BAD to come, we still got to meet some amazing new characters and experienced many emotional moments in the story.

With the continued improvements of the graphics and game engine, SE team was able to tell a heart tugging, awe inspiring story of decades old deceit, betrayal, love and friendship. This time around I’m glad I was able to truly and absolutely enjoy it at my own pace and time, from the grand and epic main story to the smaller touching side quests, everything was incredibly well done.

Yes, even the side quests! You end up caring for characters or having high hopes for them only to find it dashed and bloodied in the snow, where only a satchel of their belongings are left behind. If you have not done the Ishgard side quests, I recommend you do it! And the Gnath side quests too! And the Moogles, even though you may want to wring their cute fluffy little necks after, I bet you’ll still have your ‘favorite’ kupo in there somewhere!

But we’re getting sidetracked, let’s go back to the main story! THANK YOU SQUARE ENIX for giving us a complicated involved story line that we can enjoy, thank you for giving us meaningful main arcs and enjoyable mini arcs, so that we can feel accomplishment along with all the characters. Most of all, thank you for giving us an NPC team that TRAVELS WITH US, engages in battles along side us, and is THERE where the moments matter. I am especially loving all the quest scenario that takes you on a journey from one place to the other with memories made along the way (Leaving Moghome, Dravanian Forelands etc.) I am absolutely looking forward to the story continuation in the next patch!

Walking Down Memory Lane

I’ve always wanted to go back through and read npc dialogues or re-experience the story, as my main character, which is why I film the entire process (yes even during ARR but I’m still working on those files! It’s a mess!). After a few weeks of editing, re-watching, organizing and publishing, I finally completed my Heavensward Main Scenario Quest playlist on Youtube!! I hope this is as helpful to others as it has been to me, although watching it from the viewpoint of someone not your character is a bit poo poo ; ;

AlphaPrime Linkshell

Annual Blorg Update: Where In The World Is Aque?!


HI FWENS (and also any random passer bys that’s seeing this /wave). It’s been a really long time since I made an update post. What have I been up to?!

  • IRL Job gained additional responsibility and challenges causing playtime to reduce, booo however it is so much fun, it’s almost like a RL game so I’m super happy!
  • Creating never ending Youtube videos! I’ve been much more active on Youtube in the last year or so, with maybe a 6 month lull as I transitioned through RL events and worked around my new schedule. You can view my youtube here: www.youtube.com/aqueliachan
  • Absolutely having a blast with the new FFXIV Heavensward Expansion. I even made an unboxing video woo!
  • Trying to fit in some Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together game time in there somewhere! If you haven’t tried it yet, do eettt it’s so hilariously awesome! I’ve been wanting to make videos of it but I keep forgetting >.>
  • Lots of other awesome things IRL such as trips, visits, and food lots and lots of food omg

Alpha Prime Celebrating the end of 2.0 and beginning of 3.0

Onward… Heavensward… Hooooooo!

It has been an amazing experience with Heavensward so far. I always felt that 1.0 had its charms even though the entire system was URGH BARF, then 2.0 was suchhhhh an obvious improvement but it retained that charm and added to it. It also added heart. However, I made the mistake of starting out 2.0 attempting a play style that just wasn’t who I am anymore, yet I ignorantly tried to continue that play-style. In 3.0, it has been absolutely perfect! I spend my entire time with friends and loved ones. We do whatever we want whenever we want, as little or as much as we want. I am most especially happy since a lot of friends have returned to game to play Heavensward, including Vivid and Scinder! Vid came back much earlier so I had time to annoy her for months on end before Scinder came back MUAHAHA. Nain also took a break and is now back full time /cracks whipper.

The remainder of Alpha Prime that stayed with me on Excalibur is still playing, including Lokie! OMG! This is the longest I’ve seen him play XIV in a stretch. Cala, Foosh and Debris are pretty much done with the game since about 2 months in to 2.0 so poops there but they chat every day and I pop in to view their jibba jabba sneakily once in a while.

We’ve been leveling jobs, doing main scenario quests (MSQ)… which is just fantastic! The story-line is absurdly good, I’ve not been this invested in characters since FF9! I mean I love all the other games but I never felt ‘attached’. I actually cried IRL and exclaimed out loud to the dismay of hubby in certain parts/scenes from the main story, that’s how amazingly good it is. I’m starting to post the entire MSQ journey on my Youtube channel, so check there if you are curious!

Understandably 2.0 had to fix a lot of things from 1.0, so it spent it’s entire time doing that, as well as live testing on certain content. I could visibly see the XIV dev team learning with every major patch. The story elements, the content, everything was a learning curve. Us players and SE learned and grew side by side, I really liked that! I feel that Heavensward, for me and my group of friends specifically, has parts that make us go URGH but in general we’re very happy with the expansion and will not run out of things to do for a long time.

Aque Vid And Scin Together Wether

Aque Vid And Scin Together Wether


As with any MMO, raiding is a key ingredient. It’s not a compulsory ingredient though, especially in Heavensward. They released the normal or story version of the raid first, then add in the hardcore or “Savage” version after. This makes so much more sense and allows players who want to see the story to get in there and start doing things. I felt that the Coils of Bahamut, which also had a rich story-line locked the majority of players out of enjoying it. It is safe to assume that there is maybe 1-10% of players who are hardcore and care about raiding content, the remainder just wants to have fun and do whatever they want while enjoying the story-line as a bonus (or in our case, the primary reason we love the game! GO STORY!!!)

We started doing the Savage mode raids the week it was released and boy are they tough! I love it! We may not beat this content fast, considering we have a maximum of 6 hours raid time a week (2 hours every Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) but we sure are gonna keep at it and see where it takes us! We have been keeping this schedule consistently for almost a year now and our core group has stabilized with 7 of us being close friends which includes FFXI static mates Varg, Dakana and Ferien. This particular point is key, for me personally. I enjoy doing raids with my team and am incredibly grateful to Ferien for transferring to Excalibur to hang out with us. Tizmo, Ice Wing and Alki are new friends but they’ve already accepted me just for who I am!

I’ll rant, yell, complain, whine, or as the team puts it “Dooo whattttevvverrr you want Aqueee just haveee at it” lol and it’s all fine and dandy. For Vargy and I it’s a relationship we’ve had for over 13 years and it feels great that we’re extending the circle of friends! It makes raiding more fun! Not saying there are no in fighting going on, oh you should see the fist fights /nods but after all the whining and complaining I do at our group, in the end everyone is super awesome and sweet and are good people, so THANK YOU! You can see some of our derps and bloopers here!

Tizzy Kills Us All

Tizzy Kills Us All

Nainsward… what?

I JUST HAD TO! I mean Nainward…. Heavensward…. Nainsward HOOOO! And you started it!

Nain and I are currently engaged in gathering and crafting activities almost exclusively whenever we have free time and when we’re able to be online together. It’s harder during work days but on the weekends, I cracks my whipses and Nain craftses /nods

Gathering is SO MUCH FUN with the collectibles addition. When Nain first read/saw it he immediately said to me “Aque, I think they just added the exact kind of content you like” and when I finally got around to leveling miner, I saw it and totally agree lol! I’m not even sure why it’s so much fun, but I love the idea of turning in as many items as you can acquire in whatever play time you have. I do agree with some parts of the community that says ‘this is going to take forever’ when referencing the red scrips weekly cap but… let’s take a look at what that means. It’s longevity for the content. It doesn’t feel super grindy, and I can do it while doing other things, so again in my personal opinion it feels just right. I also think this system is very unique for MMOs, I’ve not seen anything like this before, so I’m curious to see in the long run what kind of data they see on the back end and how they tweak the system to allow for more options for every type of players. As usual, juggling different preference is VERY HARD! Can’t make everyone happy!

Lalazea… Oh My!

So a little after 2.0 launched, I decided that Lalafells are master races forever and have since been making several videos centered around the glorious existence of our kind. My partners in this are Sprinkles Cupcake and Mad Platter! Though Mad Platter is himself a stinkie dragon shoo shoo person but at least he has a Lalafell alt that’s just adorbs!

Towards the purpose of advancing the Lalafell propaganda, I created the Lalazea videos. Please find them both below and a new 2015 Fall one will come in the next few months! Please look forward to it! /snerk

Lalazea 2014 – Spring

Lalazea 2015 – Spring

And with that self proclaimed lala-awesomeness, I bow out from my annual update, LALAFELL MASTER RACE! SEE YOU GUYS NEXT… YEAR? XD

FFXIV Fan Festival Day 1 Summary


What did we learn today:

  • YoshiP is a giant troll (which is why he rocks)
  • Soken’s energy is infectious
  • Gondai’s small team works their butt off with amazing skills
  • Dark Knight (or something of similar name pretty much confirmed by TrollShiP)
    Me: Vivid, yoshiP was trolling about jobs and batman and Nolan and shit, please decipher!
    Vivid: Dark Knight
    Me: oh… OH ohOHHHHHHHH!
  •  My previous post about Samurai has apparently been making the rounds as “data mined at fan fest” wut….. rumormille machine chug chug chug XD
  • Viangaa is a thang, no really YoshiP…… oh fine

New Job

New Playable Race

#FFXIV Lala Mocks You

Dear Random Non Lalafells,

Here’s what we think of all the punting you think you’re doing /sneak attack /stab


Sprinks, Aque and Angry Dish (yes, Angry Dish)

FFXIV Devs Know How to Have Fun! 8 Bit Titan Extreme Derping

YES! It was worth it waking up in the middle of the night to watch the Live Letter just for this portion of it OMIGERD so much hilarity

FFXIV Patch 2.2 Trailer “Through the Maelstrom” Rocks!!

The hype, the feels! I missed launch week during 2.1 due to holidays but I’ll be here on patch and then 4 days after for 2.2 CANNOT WAITTTT. Too bad all the major patches coincide with my vacation plans lol

6 Months of ARR! 08/27/2013 Unboxing FFXIV A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition

We made this video as a response to the official unboxing video but then…the game launched and I totally forgot about it until now! After making the video I get why people do it, lol it’s pretty fun to share that moment of excitement. It started as a troll project and ended up being a sincere sharing of how excited I was that ARR is finally here and that XIV will rise like a phoenix!

Sharing this now as ARR meets the 6 month mark and going strong, GO GO TEAM XIV! Thank you for giving me a space online where I can de-stress after a long day at work and just hang out doing whatever I want!