Reminder for #FFXIV Live Letter XI with Yoshi P at 4 am PST Saturday – Live Translate with @reinheart

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Date & Time: December 14, 2013 from 4:00 a.m. (PST)


  • Feast your eyes and ears on the second half of the patch 2.1 exclusive!
    Learn more about treasure hunting and the undiscovered fortunes scattered across the realm.
    Take a closer look at the Wolves’ Den, where players can test their mettle against fellow adventurers.
    Check out the new beast tribe quests, which shine new light on Eorzea’s more enigmatic denizens.
  • The eleventh letter LIVE will also include never-before-seen PlayStation 4 gameplay footage, as well as remote play using PlayStation Vita!
  • Miscellaneous Announcements


* Please note that the audio will be available in Japanese only.
* For viewing on smartphones, iOS 5 or later is recommended.

How to Submit Questions
Prior to the live stream, questions will be accepted in the designated thread on the official forum. It is also possible to ask questions during the live stream. To do so, please follow the official FFXIV Twitter account (@FF_XIV_EN) and send tweets containing the “XIVLive” hash tag.


  • Features Coming in Patch 2.1
  • Wolves’ Den
  • Daily Beast Tribe Quests
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Additional Features
  • PlayStation 4 Preview

Questions will be forwarded to Naoki Yoshida who will attempt to field as many questions as possible, and to the best of his ability.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Letter from the Producer LIVE Part IX Official Video and Summary

Greetings everyone!

We’re pleased to present the full Q&A digest from the Producer LIVE Part IX! If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, or if you just want to watch it over and over again, check it out below! Please note that there will not be subtitles added the LIVE letter.
Don’t forget to select the 720p option to watch the video in HD!
Due to the technical difficulties, there is a 12-minute gap between the half time and the start of the housing part.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part IX Q&A

Q: What kind of plans do you have for warrior, dragoon, and other class/job adjustments?

We’re hearing a lot of talk saying that warrior is weak compared to paladin, but there are a couple of points I’d like to go over, so I’ll go over them one by one.

First, I’d like to talk about the boss monsters in the Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 1 and 4. We designed them so that even tanks could not withstand their attacks when they have buffs stacked; however, at the moment only paladin is able to survive through a method we had not thought of. Our original vision for this was that players would clear these encounters by properly removing enemy buffs or kill them all before it got to the point where they would one-shot players.

Since this is content that has already been released and strategies have already been established, we won’t be making adjustments to these encounters. Instead we’ll be looking into making adjustments to warrior so they can withstand this like paladin is able to.

Next is the matter of warrior’s stun. Unlike the paladin’s stun, which is tied to the global cooldown, warrior can use stun at any time, which helps maintain stacks of wrath. However, there are times when you need to use stun consecutively, or the timing is difficult due to its activation time. Because of this, it would seem that players have a negative impression of warrior’s stun. We’ll be making adjustments in patch 2.1 so that warrior’s stun is more useful, which should help address the disparity between warrior and paladin.

There’s also the matter of Wrath and the use of Inner Beast. I believe that a lot of players are using Inner Beast to self-cure when taking a large amount of damage, but after becoming infuriated with five stacks of Wrath, players receive a 15% curing bonus, so instead of using Inner Beast right after taking heavy damage, I think it would be better to wait for heals from a white mage or scholar.

In addition to the curing bonus, Wrath has other benefits as well. For example, while Paladin certainly has high vitality and HP, we’ve worked to balance them with Warriors based on the amount of damage they take and the amount of HP they’re healed for. However, we’ve made these adjustments bearing in mind that warriors have Wrath active. This is what makes the job difficult to use effectively. Using Inner Beast spends all stacks of Wrath, which makes it difficult to use Inner Beast right after a combo, and then build the stacks back up with the following combo. With that said, from a healer’s perspective, although warriors can heal themselves right after taking heavy damage, once they use Inner Beast they don’t heal themselves well, giving the impression that they lack defense.

These are a few of the factors contributing to the problems we’ve seen with warrior. While we’d like you all to continue experimenting with uses for Wrath up until patch 2.1, we feel effective use of this skill is a bit difficult, so we’ll be making adjustments in patch 2.1. There are several other aspects of the job that will be adjusted, but rest assured that warrior will become stronger come December.

As I explained in a previous Letter from the Producer LIVE, we’ve balanced content so that it can be cleared on any job; however, depending on the content, there will always be aspects that certain jobs are more suited for than others. Comparing ranged DPS and melee DPS, for example, there are many situations where melee DPS will have to move more frequently than ranged DPS to avoid attacks. There are also many encounters such as Titan where phase changes will wipe combos, or they may change in the middle of stacking a combo. Comparatively it’s much easier for ranged DPS to deal damage in these situations, so we will be making overall corrections. Specifically, we will be enhancing all melee DPS in patch 2.1.

Regarding dragoon’s jump abilities, the game recognizes you as being in the spot where the action was initiated, and it’s not possible to move while in the jump animation. When fighting hard mode Titan, for example, this causes problems when he uses Weight of the Land while dragoons are in the middle of a jump, or they may land as Titan prepares to use Landslide.

Jump is the star ability for dragoons, so we understand the feedback asking to make it so you are invulnerable while using Jump. However, if we simply made dragoons invulnerable, considering the future content we’ll be adding which involves dodging enemy attacks, everyone would just play dragoon and use Jump at the same time to avoid damage, so we won’t be doing this. With that said, we’re planning to reduce the animation lock after using jump abilities, which should improve their overall use. However, there will definitely be situations where timing is essential to avoid being hit by enemies, and there will be no change to this aspect of combat.

We often hear opinions that Titan is too hard, but looking a people who were participating in the Titan Challenge we held at multiple events, not only dragoons, but everyone in general had their cameras zoomed in quite a bit. I believe this is because in FFXI and FFXIV 1.0 you couldn’t zoom out very far, but in order to dodge different attacks in high level encounters in FFXIV: ARR, it’d be best if you zoom your camera out to the maximum distance.

Also, as a melee DPS, I think it’s difficult to avoid bomb boulders while focusing on your attacks, but ranged DPS and healers can maintain a fair bit of distance and there may be other players in your party who are good at dodging, so if you don’t know where to go you can follow these players to stay safe. Of course it’s important to memorize the patterns, but quick decisions are also critical. Furthermore, there have been requests to boost magic defense, but we’re looking into this carefully.

I’m sure that after adjusting dragoon, the frequency with which Jump is used will increase, but please keep an eye on the battle, because if you use it too much you may find yourself in trouble. However, we’ll be making it easier to dodge enemy attacks after using it, so please take this as an improvement to Jump.

Overall Job Balance
Naturally each job has their own identity, and depending on the content there will be slight advantages and disadvantages. Up until hard mode Ifrit, we’ve balanced content so it can be cleared without the use of cross-class abilities; however, by using certain cross-class abilities, the difference in damage between certain jobs becomes much more noticeable as battles drag on. With that said, we will be making adjustments to the average amount of damage jobs deal in various encounters.

Regarding stacked party compositions, it’s actually more beneficial to have different jobs in the party to help fill your limit break gauge faster. There are a lot of situations where you can use level 3 limit breaks, so if you have a strategy that calls for limit breaks at certain times, it’s be more advantageous to make parties with different jobs.

Although we’ve noticed that certain jobs are favored in certain instances over others, we will continue making adjustments moving forward based on the idea that all jobs can contribute to encounters. In regards to bard, though their recast times are long, they are able to deal large amount of damage in a short period of time, and we feel that this is a bit too strong of an advantage for battles where enemies change phases.

Q: There’s a lot of unfriendliness between players who are matched together with the Duty Finder. What kind of countermeasures are you looking into for this?
A: We’re considering several ways to approach this issue.

First, I believe a lot of players who are looking to quickly and efficiently clear dungeons are recruiting members via shout with requirements that people have powerful gear such as Garuda or relic weapons. Since the Duty Finder matches people without first checking their goals, there are a lot of breakdowns in communication, and we’re considering a number of changes in 2.1 to allow players to recruit party members with certain requirements. For example, we’ll be making it possible to recruit members through a bulletin-board system. There will be a list in the window, and you can indicate the content you want to run and add a comment. Other players can look at this list, request a party invite, and join the group. The recruitment list will also list which roles have been filled and other important party details.

Also, for the players who are recruiting members, the recruitment screen will have a list of choices you can check such as: “first timers welcome,” “taking our time,” “please stick around until we beat it,” “going after loot,” “playing for the story and will not skip cutscenes,” etc. You can check off any options that fit you goal, and recruit members. Similarly, the players who are searching the recruitment list can check these options and search for specific groups. For example, if you want to progress through the main scenario you can check the boxes that apply and search for parties with the same goal. We hope this will make it easier to form parties with people on the same server.

We also plan to update the Duty Finder. As there are a significant number of updates planned, we’re considering focusing on this during the next Letter from the Producer LIVE. One particular addition I’d like to briefly mention is random matching. This is a matching feature that will let you join instances at random after choosing one of several categories such as “leveling dungeons,” “high-level dungeons,” “main scenario primal battles,” etc. By using random matching, you’ll be able to obtain Allagan tomestones once a day for each category. After selecting a category for random matching, you will join whichever instance has the fastest matching speed. This feature will also make it easier for new players who are progressing through low level dungeons and story primal battles to be matched up.

Furthermore, we will be adopting an MVP voting feature, so you can vote on the player who you feel did the best job in the dungeon and they will receive MVP points. By accumulating these points, you will be able to exchange them for equipment and mounts.
When it comes to acquiring Allagan tomestones, we realize there are only a handful of options for obtaining them at the moment, but in patch 2.1 we’ll be adding three new dungeons, extreme mode primal battles, Crystal Tower, beastmen daily quests, and treasure hunts, all of which will allow players to obtain Allagan tomestones. Although there are currently a mix of players who want to run through content efficiently to obtain tomestones and those who want to progress at their own pace which causes tension in Duty Finder parties, we feel this problem will be resolved when we add more methods to tomestones.

Q: Regarding Odin and Behemoth FATE Congestion, Display Issues, and Server Crashes
A: In order to avoid CPU stress when a large amount of people gather together, fields are rendered using 8 meter grids. Furthermore, these grids are not focused around your character, but rather the areas of the zone.

In a single grid, a maximum of 100 characters will be displayed. Since NPCs and monsters have display priority, the monsters themselves do not actually disappear, but once more than 100 players enter a grid, certain characters are no longer displayed. The system was set up to hide objects from other grids, so even if hundreds of characters gather, stress is not placed on your PC.

However, there is one problem. If, for example, Behemoth is in a certain grid, and the amount of characters in that grid exceeds 100, no matter what happens he will always be displayed within that grid. However, there is no display priority for adjacent grids. In short, if you’re not positioned in the same grid as Behemoth, you won’t be able to see him when the area is crowded with hundreds of players. If you move to the grid where Behemoth is located he will always be displayed, but once he moves to a different grid he will disappear again.

As a countermeasure, we will be implementing a special system that monitors the display priority for zones as a whole. This system will ignore normal display priorities when special monsters or objects appear in zones, allowing them to be seen regardless of what grid they’re located in. However, we have to approach this carefully, so there are no plans to implement this until patch 2.1.

Also, when more than 800 players congregate in certain areas, a large amount of latency is generated, and the server is designed to automatically go down; however, since this situation has occurred so often, we’ve setup player limitations for each area as a countermeasure to prevent server crashes. With these countermeasures in place, Behemoth and Odin will display properly so that players can defeat them, and as more and more people obtain their rewards, the number of people focusing on them will gradually ease up. With that said, getting these enemies to display properly will be our highest priority.

Regarding the Economic Condition of Eorzea
A: The Hot Fix that occurred on Tuesday, October 15, added ways for gil to enter the economy, so we’d like to monitor the situation for a while. Especially since the economy won’t function if the players who are battling don’t use gil. One other problem is that as gathering classes level up, their gathering yields will increase, resulting in more materials flooding the market. To offset this increase in available material, we’ll be making adjustments so that this excess material is needed for housing. In addition, we’ll be adding new recipes for equipment, and the introduction of PvP should have more players using medicines and food., which I think will also encourage the use of gathering materials. With that said, the economy will become more active from here on out.

In Regards to Cheating
A: We take cheating very seriously, and plan to do everything we can to ban cheatersas we continue to address this issue. As subscription based games are on the decline, RMT are gathering by the masses in the games that a lot of people are playing. Because free to play games already have items you can buy for real money, RMT cannot make money off of these games.

Right now, the most notable form of cheating is the use of bots that automatically defeat enemies, gather materials, and warp around. Warp cheating is a game of cat and mouse due to the fact that once we perform countermeasures, they find new methods, then we implement countermeasures against this new method, and they find yet another way to do it, but we are proactively addressing this. As for other types of bots, we are placing importance on not making false accusations, so we’re carefully handling each report made with thorough investigations, and we’re cracking down on hundreds of accounts every day. We will not be changing our stance on this, and moving forward we’ll be bolstering the ranks of our Special Task Force. There are a lot of you who wonder why the character you just reported hasn’t been punished yet, but in order to prevent unjust punishments, we need to gather the facts and address each report with the utmost care. We appreciate your cooperation.

There are users who have been streaming while using illegal third-party tools, and even though we’ve addressed this making them no longer useable, there have been reports of players who are still able to use them. Honestly, this is an obstruction of our operation. Players who see this kind of behavior are becoming increasingly worried, and although we tried to play down the issue at first, we will take steps to address this before it gets out of hand. We do not permit the streaming or posting of videos with players using illegal tools, so please avoid doing this.

Regarding the Operations of FFXIV
A: FFXIV: ARR is comprised of many teams other than the development team, which include the Special Task Force (STF), Game Masters, the Lodestone team, the database team, and more. Because the scale of this project is so large, there have been many small missteps from each team that have begun to add up. For example, I created a really tight schedule, and since priority was on releasing the game, we had to re-do the schedule and re-assess what was problematic. This week we discussed how a mistake in one section can affect the team as a whole, and that we need to be more careful so as not to diminish the overall quality of the game. We plan to thoroughly re-evaluate our workflow and bolster our efforts to ensure our users have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Q: How do you plan to address network lag in Europe
A: We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback on the EU forums about trouble with ISPs and network setups using WiFi. I believe information has already been shared by the European Community Team, but we would like players experiencing these issues to post further details that indicate the network card they are using, their provider, and any other pertinent information regarding their connections. Once we can define the issue, we would like to contact European providers to address connectivity problems, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us.

Q: Are the number of people logging in decreasing?
A: As FFXIV: ARR is a subscription based business model, naturally there will be players who will not play anymore once they finish the main scenario. MMORPGs that launched after 2008 with a subscription based model retained a maximum of 35% of their users during the first month of subscriptions. However, FFXIV: ARR has surpassed this number by a wide margin. That’s not to say that we’re satisfied with our current figures, and we’d like as many people as possible to subscribe and play the game. My plans with FFXIV 1.0 were the same, but we would like to first deliver exciting and fun content to all the players who are playing the game. With a steady income from monthly fees, we can then continue to provide constant updates, and by doing this, players who once left will likely return. I feel it is extremely important to continue to do this for subscription based MMORPGs these days, and we’ll be making sure to see this through.
* In-game footage of the housing area from Limsa Lominsa is shown in the video.

Q: What are the requirements to own a house?
A: You will need to increase the rank of your free company to the point where you have permission to buy a house. After this you just need to buy the deed to the land and house.

Q: Will there be any maintenance fees or other costs for housing, besides the cost of the land and house?
A: In older MMOs, such as Ultima Online, there was a house maintenance fee you had to pay weekly, but in FFXIV: ARR we decided against this system. Similarly, these older MMOs also had a system where your house would break down if you didn’t log in after a while in order to have you continue your subscription, but this is a thing of the past and we won’t have any system like that.

Q: Are the prices still a secret?
A: Yes, they’re still a secret.

Q: Can you take out a loan?
A: We’ve been asked this a lot, but there are problems with how it would be collected, repayment, and other such aspects that would just make it too similar to real life, so we’re not planning to have this at the moment.

Q: How much land are you planning to implement within a housing area instance?
A: Thirty houses can be built within one instance. There will also be multiple levels for an instance. There will be a bunch of land with the same geography, and you can purchase the land that is unoccupied.

Q: Please show us the flow from buying a house up to arranging furniture.
A: The general flow will be as follows.

Housing Construction
*This is demonstrated in the video.
A house will not be built when you purchase your land. Once you buy the deed to your house, you can preview what kind of house you would like to build from the housing menu. When you select your deed, a confirmation window will appear asking if you are sure you want to build the house, and if you select “Yes” your house will be built. It’s an extremely simple process. Right after you build it, its appearance including doors and windows, will be standard, but by performing various actions you’ll be able to swap out parts of the house.

Changing Exterior Parts
If you select the exterior from the housing menu, you’ll see options that allow you to change the house’s outer appearance and purchase additional exterior parts, which are sold in stores. When opting to change the exterior, a specialized screen similar to the equipment screen will appear for your house. In the upper portion of this screen, the various parts of the house will be displayed, and you can change them out by dragging and dropping just like when you’re equipping your character. The parts will feature preset colors, but you’ll be able to change them. Additionally, the lower portion of this window contains optional aspects, and you can customize the settings of various parts such as lamps that shine at the entrance and roof decorations. This is where you set up all of your house’s exterior parts, and we’ll be preparing a ton of them, so be sure to try them all out and create your dream home.

Placing Garden Furnishing
Next up, we have the garden layout. From the housing menu, you can select an option to place garden furnishings to organize garden-related objects. By selecting the items you wish to place from your inventory, you can drag them directly to a desired location. Then you can switch to rotation mode and adjust their orientation. We decided to split the positioning and rotation because a single interface for both would become a bit complicated. The garden objects you placed will then appear in the garden object list. Naturally, you’ll be able to sit down on the benches that you place and jump on top of objects as well.
* In-game footage of the Small size house from Lima Lominsa is shown in the video.

Q: Could you explain how exactly gatherers and crafters will impact the exterior/interior of a house?
A: Approximately 85% of housing will consist of material from gatherers and items from crafters, all of which can be sold on the market. However, as there will be a limit to the number of furnishings implemented in patch 2.1, we’re trying to find a balance that allows both gathers and crafters to take part as much as possible. There will still be a slight imbalance at first, but we plan to release plenty of new furnishings in patch 2.2, so every crafter and gatherer will have something to do. There really isn’t very much you can buy purely with gil, so if you want to customize a lot you’ll need to get help from gatherers and crafters.

Q: Can you change the music that plays inside your house?
A: While it won’t be in patch 2.1, we have plans to introduce a jukebox. By crafting one of these and placing it in your house, you’ll be able to play your favorite FFXIV: ARR music. I’m sure you would all like to be able to change the music depending on your mood, or play a free company member’s battle theme before they run off to a dungeon, so we’d like to make this happen.

Q: Will we be able to store items within the furniture?
A: This will not be possible. Currently, the placement data alone has a saved data volume that is unusually large, so trying to implement storage would cause the saved data to become even larger. This doesn’t mean that there are no plans for this in the future, but as all of your data is periodically written into the backend database, increasing this too much is directly linked to the risk of data rollbacks. This is very dangerous, so we’d like to proceed with caution. We plan to release housing first, and after we’re sure that everything is running smoothly and expand to individual housing, there is a possibility that save data space can be expanded further.

Q: What happens when you have a house and you disband your free company?
A: Unless you completely dismantle the house you will not be able to disband your free company.

Q: Will there be ways to Return straight to your house?
A: We are planning to implement a feature where you can place an aetheryte at your house and set it as a home point to teleport and return to. We’re cutting it really close, but we’d like to have this in for patch 2.1.

Q: Will we receive the resting bonus if we log out within a house?
A: Yes, you will.

Q: Will we be able to place bulletin boards and signs in front of our houses?
A: We have plans to implement a feature in patch 2.2 that allows players to leave comments on a bulletin board.
* In-game footage of the housing area from Ul’dah is shwon in the video.

Q: Can you move or reconstruct your house?
A: We’re planning to have this after patch 2.2.

Q: Will we be able to garden at our houses?
A: We have plans to allow you to place a croft in your garden and harvest various items from it in patch 2.2. The other day I was asked if my vision was: A – anyone can casually grow things of almost no value; or B – plant rare items, harvest from them, and then use them to grow other things together. I answered B.

Q: Can you make an area in your housing area to practice battle skills and calculate damage?
A: There are already various locations around Eorzea where wooden dummies have been setup, and we’re considering allowing these to be placed inside of your homes as well. While it won’t be available in patch 2.1, we don’t expect it to be that far in the future.

Q: If all of the Large size houses are taken, will you be adding additional instances with L size lands right away?
A: We’ll be sure to add new instances as we keep an eye on the land that is being taken. Our goal is to keep unused land to a minimum, so we’d like to check each instance one by one and add more once they reach a certain percentage.

Q: As there are differences in economies from World to World, will the housing costs differ by World?
A: It will not be different. The price of the buildings will be a fixed amount, but the land will be sold in an auction-like system and start at the highest price. As time passes, the land that has not been sold yet will decrease in price. With that said, players on newly added Worlds that do not have that much gil in circulation can wait for these prices to come down. The price will be reduced every six hours.
* In-game footage of the Small size house from Ul’dah is shown in the video.

Q: Will we be able to place furniture outside of the house?
A: This will not be possible. Garden furnishings are meant for the garden and housing furnishings are meant for the house. They have been specifically set into two different categories so that benches and other items that are similar to housing furnishings can be distinguished easily.

Q: Will it be possible to stack furniture or place objects on top of furniture?
A: Yes, it’ll be possible to place objects such as lamps on top of tables and what not. The amount you can place and what you can place is limited, but you’ll be able to place objects on top of suitable furnishings such as tables and desks.

Q: Will we be able to see the sunlight coming through the windows and also be able to view the scenery from within a house?
A: We’ve made adjustments for the amount of light that enters though the windows, but you will not be able to see the scenery outside. I understand there have been requests for this, but there are a lot of other houses outside and a lot of people passing by, so if we were to make this possible it would cause an increase in the limitations for the objects that can be placed in your houses. We decided to prioritize allowing you to place as many things in your house as possible.

Q: Can you expand to an M size or L size house from an S size house?
A: This is not possible. You would have to tear down your house and build a new one on open land. The reason for this is due to the fact that these houses are shared and the objects that are inside and outside of the house don’t belong to one single person, so you can’t change it back into a deed until you completely disassemble the house. Once you resolve what belongs to who, you can take down your house and then rebuild a new house.

Q: Will we be able to sell our houses (including the furniture)?
A: This will not be possible. You can only trade the deed, so you would have to revert your house back to a deed to do this.
* In-game footage of the Large size house from Ul’dah is shown in the video.

Q: Will you be able to have individual rooms in your free company house?
A: We are planning to have this after patch 2.2, but we’d like to decide whether we implement individual rooms or individual housing based on server capacity after we implement housing. However, we are planning for both. We’d like you all to be able to build a cool personal space for yourselves.

Q: Will you add any feature to prevent FC members from taking the furniture?
A: In the housing permissions settings you can indicate which rank members can do certain things with furnishings.

Q: Are you looking into mini-games or other elements where free company members can gather and play?
A: I think some staff members are starting to think about a card game…

Q: What type of facilities will we have access to within a housing area other than the market board and retainer?
A: First, you can have a crafting workshop in your house to be used by any crafters in your free company. Also, in the event you need a large amount of low level materials for crafting, we’re planning to make it possible to place NPCs in your house that would sell these materials. We’ll be adding on to features such as this over time.

Q: What are the advantages of making things in your underground workshop?
A: You’ll be able to build airships and go adventuring with them. We were stuck on deciding whether to go with boats or airships, but we decided to go with airships first. We’d also like to do boats, but for now crafters will be able to gather together and build airships in these underground workshops. We’d like to introduce this before the first expansion.

Q: Are there any plans to implement any seasonal exteriors for houses (snow-themed exterior during Christmas, witch-themed exterior during Halloween, etc.)?
A: While I don’t want to rule the idea out, I would first like to focus on the implementation of additional housing parts. I do love the idea of seasonal exteriors, but I would prefer something like a blacksmith or armorer-themed exterior which can be then used to sell actual equipment. However, for a house like this, you would not be able to swap out the exterior housing parts. If we made these exteriors customizable, implementation dates will be pushed back due to the vast number of housing parts we have to take into consideration. Please keep in mind that I still like the idea of seasonal housing parts, but I think players will get bored of them, and would have much more fun with content that can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

We do have plans to implement additional housing parts. While we have many ideas regarding seasonal items, we are currently discussing which ones players will enjoy the most.
* In-game footage of the housing area from Gridania is shown in the video.

Q: When will the chocobo farm be added?
A: The current plan is to implement it after patch 2.3. We are also planning to add more housing content through the future patches.

Q: Are there fish in the bodies of water in the housing areas?
A: Yes, so get your bait and fishing rods ready!

Q: Will there be any way to you breed animals that drop materials so we can harvest them?
A: Currently we do not have plans for this. There would be a number of problems such as how to design the AI, or how to handle animals if players don’t attend to them. However, as we previously mentioned, the development team has brought up ideas such as being able to release all your minions within a house.

Q: About how much furniture will we have access to when the housing system is implemented?
A: In patch 2.1, without including the exterior parts of a house, there will be about 220 furnishings to choose from (40 exterior furnishings and 180 interior). Please note that this only refers to the initial numbers and more will be added through future patches.
* Video introduces concept art of furniture and equipment.
* In-game footage of the Medium size house from Gridania is shown in the video.

Q: Can we lay in beds and hammocks in our houses?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Will we be able to place mannequins within the house so that we can equip them with our armor?
A: The current plan is to implement that feature after patch 2.2.

Q: Will there be frames in which we can place art? If so, will it be possible to take a screenshot and place it within the frame?
A: Yes, there are frames which you can place artwork in. Please check out the various artworks our art team has prepared for you!

As for the screenshot feature, we previously had a request for players to be able to design their free company crest by using screenshots and we stated that it would be difficult to judge what images can and cannot be allowed to be used. Therefore, we currently have no plans for players to be able to use screenshots.

Q: Let’s say we place walls within a large room to separate them into smaller rooms. Will we be able to place doors within the walls?
A: While you will be able to place walls, you will not be able to place doors. After carefully reviewing factors such as collision detection and allocating space for the door to swing open, we determined that it was too difficult to implement doors within the walls.

Q: Can you set individual entrance restrictions for L size houses that have two floors and a basement?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: Will there be a system that allows free companies to collect gil from their members when buying a house?
A: No, there will not.

Q: Can you place an Ishgardian wartable in your house like the ones found in Coerthas (Dragonhead)?
A: We decided to add this based on the community’s feedback.

Q: Will we be able to change the wallpaper and flooring design?
A: Yes, you will.
* Video introduces examples of the wallpaper and flooring design.

* In-game footage of the Small size house from Gridania is shown in the video.

Q: Will there be any interesting furniture such as lights you can turn on and off, cabinets you can open and close, etc.?
A: Yes, you will be able turn the lights on and off. In addition, there will be furniture that is interactive. While there won’t be a great deal of interactive furniture due to the challenges of creating them, we will increase the number of interactive furniture pieces in future patches.

Q: Will we be able to place an aquarium in our houses?
A: While there are currently no plans to implement an aquarium, I’ll be sure to forward the request to the person in charge. We’d first need to have designs drawn up for the aquarium, then create a translucent appearance that’s as realistic as possible, so it’s quite difficult.

Q: When will individual housing be implemented?
A: It will be around half a year after patch 2.1’s release. Currently, we are split between implementing a personal room within a free company house or personal housing. Since the decision will have a huge impact on how many additional servers we’ll need to prepare, we have to carefully consider the balance of the housing system. We believe it will take roughly six months to have everything planned out and prepared.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Letter from the Producer LIVE Part IX Q&A Updates

Q: In Regards to the Duty Finder

A: There have been situations where frustration arises when players with different play styles and objectives are matched together with the Duty Finder.

Therefore, we would like to make it possible to play with people who have the same goal as you.

Party Recruitment Bulletin Board
We will be making it so you can recruit party members through a bulletin board-like feature where you will be able to indicate your objective. For example, clearing the main scenario, relaxed party play, putting emphasis on speed and efficiency, etc.

For those that would like to participate in certain content, they’ll be able to form parties with players who have the same goal.

Updates to the Duty Finder
We’ll be having a special edition of the Letter from the Producer LIVE about the details for this, but we’ll be making it so matching occurs on a categorical basis, such as for leveling dungeons, high level dungeons, story, guildhests, and other content. Also, we’ll be making it so you can obtain Allagan tomestomes for each category once a day.

Increasing the methods for acquiring Allagan Tomestones
Currently, due to the fact that there aren’t many areas to obtain Allagan tomestones, players who want to speed through dungeons and those that want to relax a bit more have been overlapping, and this has been causing issues. Therefore, starting with being able to obtain these by being matched for the above categories, we also plan to make it possible to obtain them through new high level dungeons, the Crystal Tower, the primal daily quests, treasure hunting content, and other areas.

With the above, we feel that trouble will be less likely to occur, and you’ll be able to play with the play style of your choice.

Q: Regarding the Economy

Regarding the amount of gil obtained by players, we recently increased the amount of gil you can obtain through the instances. For now, we will monitor how much of an impact this change had on the economy.

The other problem that we identified is that it takes a long time for a gatherer to gain a level at higher levels. This issue ended up overflowing the market with crafting materials. We plan to address this issue by adding new crafting recipes (i.e. weapon, armor, potions used in PvP, etc.) and implementing ways for crafters to burn through materials for the upcoming housing.

We believe these features will invigorate the economy so please stay tuned!

Q: Regarding the Operations of FFXIV

A: FFXIV: ARR is comprised of many teams other than the development team, which include the Special Task Force (STF), Game Masters, the Lodestone team, the database team, and many others.

Amongst these teams, small mistakes from each one have been adding up.

When multiple tasks are brought up on the same day, a single lead is often involved in other task as well, and it becomes difficult to handle, the schedules become rough, and we have to make adjustments.

Also, the other day there was a mistake on the GM side with a call that came in, where they accidentally mistook information related to Dragon Quest X. Since the the titles were not separate and everything was sorted by high-priority emergency there were mistakes made.

As these tiny mistakes add up one by one that lead to bigger operational problems, we will be working hard to improve these issues by keeping an eye on the balance with quality, flows, and schedules. We would like to provide you all with the a high-degree of service.

Q: In Regards to Cheating

We are currently working very hard to eliminate all of the cheaters in A Realm Reborn.
In the current age where monthly subscription-based games are decreasing rapidly, the RMT are rapidly flocking to the game because of its popularity and how difficult it is for them to make money from the free-to-play MMOs.

Currently, the biggest problems are bots and warpers.

As for the warpers, every time we implement a countermeasure, the RMT will find a to work around it. Since this is a neverending cat-and-mouse game, we are looking into ways to completely eliminate warpers.

As for the bots, we are working as fast as we can to take action based on the reports that we received, but please note that we have to be careful when investigating the reports to avoid taking action on innocent players.

While we do have a tool that automatically detects cheats, the RMT have been implementing workarounds such as adding random factors to appear less robotic. Please note that we can’t go into this much because the RMT may use it to implement additional workarounds. We are carefully investigating the logs and then taking action on those who are identified as cheaters (about a few hundred accounts per day).

We will continue to address the cheaters by increasing the number of employees in the STF department.

Since we are on the topic of cheating, there is another thing I wanted to mention. Recently, a player uploaded a video of them using a third party program. While this cheat was already addressed by us, they made it seem like the cheat was still an ongoing issue. Honestly, this is an interference of our business because it has a huge negative impact on the community. Please note that we will not be taking these actions lightly and plan to take action if it gets out of hand.

While it is okay for players to upload in-game videos of ARR, we never approved the videos of players using third party programs. We appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter.

Q: In Regards to Network Lag in Europe

A: I believe information has already been shared by the European Community Team, but we would like the players experiencing these issues to post further details that indicate the network card they are using, their provider, and other specs that are in use. We would like to ask the European providers to address this, and appreciate your cooperation to help us.

Q: Regarding WAR, DRG, and other job/class adjustments


■ In Regards to WAR

  • The Binding Coil of Bahamut
    Especially for Turn 1 and 4, strategies have been employed that the development team hadn’t considered (such as only using paladins to live through multiple stacks of a buff the boss has), and a situation has developed where paladins are favored over warrior. We apologize for this. In patch 2.1 we will be making adjustments so that warriors can do the content that paladins can do.
  • Adjustments to Stun
    A warrior’s stun is different than paladin’s in the sense that it can be used at any time separate from the global cooldown, which is an advantage, but for specific content where stuns need to performed multiple times or with precise timing, it’s difficult to utilize warrior’s stun, so we will be making adjustments in patch 2.1 to improve its usability.We also plan for a variety of other adjustments for warrior in patch 2.1.

■In Regards to Dragoon

  • About Jump
    We will be making adjustments to improve Jump’s usability. (Including a reduction of the animation time). We understand there have been a lot of requests asking to make characters invulnerable while using Jump, but there is a possibility this would cause dragoon to become the only choice for DPS, so we will not be making adjustments for this.

■Job Balancing

  • Cross-Class Abilities
    While any one of the content can be beaten with any class/job, currently, certain jobs are able to do much more damage than the other jobs due to having access to a certain cross-class abilities. We do have plans to adjust these cross-class abilities to balance out all the jobs.
  • Bards
    We currently feel that the bards are a little too strong due to the amount of damage they can do without being impacted that much from the fight.
  • Melee DPS
    Currently, the melee DPS have a harder time dealing damage in certain fights due to having to constantly dodge an enemy’s attack. Therefore, we do have plans to make adjustments to the fights so that melee DPS are able to do more damage.

We have plans to make numerous adjustments in patch 2.1 other than the items mentioned above. Please stay tuned!

Q: Will there be any maintenance fees or other costs for housing, besides the cost of your land and house?

A: There will not be any other costs like this.

Q: What are the requirements you need to fulfill to have a house?

A: You will have to increase the rank of your free company.

Q: Regarding Odin/Behemoth FATEs and server crashes

A: In FFXIV: ARR the maps are made up of 8-meter grids. In a single grid, we’ve set it to display a maximum of 100 players. When this grid contains more than the maximum number of players, there are cases where players and monsters do not appear. In order to address this, we will be managing the display priorities for the entire zone, and when special content like Odin and Behemoth FATEs occur, we make adjustments so that the process prioritizes this so that normal play conditions are possible. We will be making this adjustment in patch 2.1.

Q: How much land are you planning to implement within a housing area instance?

A: There will be about 30 houses per instance.

Q: Please show us the flow from buying a house up to arranging furniture with a video.

A: (Shows off the content in the video)

Q: Could you explain how exactly will gatherers and crafters will impact the exterior/interior of a house?

A: 85% of the housing will consist of gatherers gathering crafting materials and crafters using those materials to craft items. We will make sure every gathering/crafting class will be able to take part so stay tuned!

Q: Can you change the BGM inside of your house?

A: While it won’t be ready for patch 2.1, we will be making it possible to place a jukebox in your house as a furnishing that will allow you to play music in your house.

Q: Will we be able to store items within the furniture?

A: While we currently do not have any plans to do so, we will look into it once we have confirmed the stability of the housing system (mainly the amount of memory it will consume). If it does happen, it will be some time after the 2.1 patch.

Q: What happens when you have a house and you disband your free company?

A: Unless you abandon your house you cannot disband a free company.

Q: Will we receive the resting bonus if we log out within a house?

A: Yes, you will.

Q: Will there be ways to Return straight to your house?

A: We are currently working hard to make it possible to place an aetheryte at your house in 2.1, but it’s cutting it close at the moment.

Q: Will we be able to place bulletin boards and signs in front of our houses?

A: We do have plans to implement a feature in patch 2.2 wherein players will be able to leave a comment on a bulletin board.

Q: Can you move or reconstruct your house?

A: We are planning to have this after patch 2.2.

Q: Will we be able to have a indoor garden within our houses?

A: We do have plans to implement a feature in patch 2.2 wherein players will be able to place a field within the garden area. Players will be able to grow items obtained through gathering and obtain rare items that can only be obtained through the gardening feature.

Q: Can you make an area in your housing area to practice battle skills and calculate damage?

A: There are already a bunch of wooden dummies around Eorzea, and we are planning to make it possible to place them in your house.

Q: If all of the Large size houses are taken, will you be adding additional L size lands immediately?

A: We have plans to add more lands after we confirm the opening of the other areas.

Q: As there are differences in economies from World to World, will the housing costs differ by World?

A: It will be the same for all Worlds. The land for housing will be an auction system, and will start from a high price and over time will become cheaper.

Q: Will we be able to place furniture outside of the house?

A: Furniture will be separated into 2 types. Those that can only be placed within a house and those that can only be placed outside of a house.

Q: Will you be able to stack furniture or place objects on top of furniture?

A: Yes, you will be able to do this.

Q: Will we be able to see the sunlight come through the windows and also be able to view the scenery from within a house?

A: While you will be able to adjust how much sunlight will come through the windows, you will not be able to view the scenery while you are within a house.

Q: Can you expand to an M size or L size house from a S size house?

A: You won’t be able to make changes like this when it is built. You will have to build a new one on open land.

Q: Will we be able to sell our houses (including the furniture)?

A: No, you will only be able to sell the land rights.

Q: Will you be able to have individual rooms in your free company house?

A: We plan on having this after patch 2.2.

Q: Will you add any feature to prevent FC members from taking the furniture?

A: Yes. You will be able to set permissions of who can and cannot move/take the furniture within a house.

Q: Are you looking into mini-games or other elements where free company members can gather and play?

A: While we don’t have any specific plans at the moment, we’d like to start thinking about things like this that we can do.

Q: What type of facilities will we have access to within a housing area other than the market board and retainer?

A: We have plans to add facilities such as crafting facilities and NPCs that you can buy crafting materials from. Please stay tuned!

Q: What are the advantages of making things in your underground workshop?

A: We are planing to make it so you can build airships and access content.

Q: When will the chocobo farm be added?

A: The current plan is to implement some time after patch 2.3.

Q: Are there fish in the water sources in the housing areas?

A: Yes! And of course you can fish!

Q: Are there any plans to implement any seasonal exteriors of the houses (snow-themed exterior during Christmas, witch-themed exterior during Halloween, etc.)?

A: We do have plans to implement additional housing parts. While we have many ideas regarding seasonal items, we are currently discussing which one of those the players will enjoy the most.

Q: Will there be content where you can you raise the monsters that drop materials so you can obtain them?

A: Currently we do not have plans for this.

Q: About how much furniture will we have access to when the housing system is implemented?

A: In patch 2.1, there will be about 40 exterior furniture and 180 interior furniture to choose from (and that’s not including the parts of the housing exterior!).

Q: Can you lay in beds and hammocks in your house?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Will we be able to place mannequins within the house so that we can equip them with our armor?

A: The current plan is to implement that feature some time after patch 2.2.

Q: Can you place pictures on furnishings? If so, will it be possible to take a screenshot and use it for decoration?

A: Yes. However, it won’t be possible to decorate the pictures with screenshots.

Q: Let’s say we place walls within a large room to separate them into smaller rooms. Will we be able to place doors within the walls?

A: While you will be able to place walls, you will not be able to place doors.

Q: Can you set individual entrance restrictions for L size houses that have two floors and a basement?

A: No, you cannot.

Q: Will there be a feature where we can collect gil from the FC members to purchase a house?

A: We currently do not have any plans to implement that feature.

Q: Can you place a strategy desk in your house like the ones found in Coerthas (Dragonhead)?

A: We plan on implementing this.

Q: Will we be able to change the wallpaper and flooring design?

A: Yes, you will be able to change the wallpaper and the flooring design.

Q: Will there be any interesting furniture such as lights you can turn on and off, cabinets you can open and close, etc.?

A: Yes, there will be.

Q: Will we be able to place an aquarium within a house?

A: While we currently do not have any plans to implement an aquarium, I’ll be sure to forward the request to the person in charge.

Q: When will individual housing be implemented?

A: It will be around half a year after patch 2.1’s release.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Naoki Yoshida and Letter From Produce Live IX this Sunday AM

Am tentatively planning on getting up early for this one. For the live translation please visit Reinheart’s channel:

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part IX (10/04/2013)

The date has been set for the ninth installment of Letter from the Producer LIVE! During the livestream, Producer & Director Yoshi-P will be answering questions from fans across the globe. The letter will feature a special segment on housing, so get your questions and house plans ready for this exciting addition coming to Eorzea!

Date & Time
October 19, 2013, from 5:00 a.m. (PDT)
  • Theatrhythm FINAL FANTASY Curtain Call Collaboration
    Scheduled for release in spring 2014, Theatrhythm FINAL FANTASY Curtain Call will feature a number of songs from FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn! Treat your ears to a number of songs previously released at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, along with the premiere of several new tracks, brought to you by our special guest.
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Q&A
    Yoshi-P will answer questions taken from the official forum.
  • Special Report on Housing
    Take a tour of the housing areas in each of the three city-states. Using trailers and live footage, we’ll be showing you everything from the various house models to their interiors and never before seen furnishings! Perhaps we’ll even get a visit from our favorite neighbor.
  • Miscellaneous Announcements

* Please note that the audio will be available in Japanese only.
* For viewing on smartphones, iOS 5 or later is recommended.

How to Submit Questions

Prior to the live stream, questions will be accepted in the designated thread on the official forum as well as the beta tester forum. It is also possible to ask questions during the live stream. To do so, please follow the official FFXIV Twitter account (@FF_XIV_EN) and send tweets containing the “XIVLive” hash tag.

Official Forum Questions Thread:
Official FFXIV Twitter Feed:

  • Housing
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn

Questions will be forwarded to Naoki Yoshida who will attempt to field as many questions as possible, and to the best of his ability.

Those of you who are unavailable to view the live broadcast, never fear! All the questions and answers will be posted on the official Twitter account in real time. Furthermore, a Q&A summary will be released via the official forums shortly thereafter.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Letter from the Producer, LI (10/16/2013)

yoshiP_conHello again, all you FFXIVers out there! Yoshi-P here, bringing you my fifty-first Letter from the Producer.

It’s already been a month and a half since release, and after adding several new Worlds, optimizing the servers, and expanding the data centers, it’s full speed ahead for the development team as we prepare for the first big patch.

Looking over data from each World, it’s great to see so many players in every level range. Whether it’s exploring the nooks and crannies of Eorzea, chasing after FATE, braving through dungeons for Allagan tomestomes, or taking on the Binding Coil of Bahamut, everyone seems to be settling into their own play style as they find their place in the community.

As for myself, I’ve finally defeated Titan in the main story, and am now in snowswept Coerthas. I’ve been going it incognito on the public servers, and it’s been a lot of fun playing with you all. I can never resist a shout for help to venture through lower level dungeons, so it’ll probably be a while before I reach end game.

Speaking of end game, I’d like to take a moment to address our players who have completed the main scenario, and are now working to complete relic quests and fight against the hard-mode primals. We realize how difficult it’s been to acquire tomestones and have taken measures to alleviate this problem. Although we had a few setbacks necessitating an extension of the planned maintenance on October 15, as well as a subsequent emergency maintenance, we’ve added additional instance servers for Amdapor Keep as well as the Wanderer’s Palace. We’ve also increased the number of tomestones obtainable in these dungeons, and made adjustments to gil received from within. Patch 2.1 will introduce even more ways to accumulate tomes, so please bear with us.

End game players have also encountered problems with the fifth turn of the Binding Coil of Bahamut. This issue was to be addressed with the patch on October 15, but unfortunately we’ve confirmed that the problem still persists. Please rest assured we are working diligently to resolve this issue so that players can resume play in this instance as soon as possible.

Our first update will be fairly substantial, and can be divided into three key parts. First and foremost, we want players to have more options to enjoy themselves in Eorzea. We’ll be introducing daily quests and treasure hunts for those looking to play solo, and various system adjustments will make it easier to obtain Allagan tomestones of philosophy and mythology with your party mates. You can also expect to see new dungeons, the Crystal Tower, extreme primal battles, and the return of Good King Moggle Mog. There’s also housing and the Wolves’ Den to look forward to, both of which are being fine-tuned and debugged as we speak.

Second, we’ll be implementing feedback from you, the players. Not only will the user interface be updated, but we’ll also be adding an item-sort function, item level restrictions on the Duty Finder, the MVP system, and a number of other new features.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll be introducing the salon where players can customize character features such as hair and face paint, and a party search function for individual Worlds. This wouldn’t be a FINAL FANTASY if it didn’t have a story, so expect to see new developments in the main scenario, and perhaps even the return of a certain someone from Version 1.0.

More details will be revealed during the upcoming LIVE letters. I’m planning to host one every month up until the release of 2.1, and I hope you tune in to all of them!

And that’s all from me for today. See you again on October 19, at the ninth Letter from the Producer LIVE!

@reinheart Just Made My Day! Disabling L3/R3 for #FFXIV Coming Soon!!

Posted by Hiroshi_Minagawa
Translated by Reinheart Valentine

In our current development version of the game, we have a feature where you can remove the button settings from the R3/L3 button (pressing down on L/R stick). This one is already set up and will be released in patch 2.1. Please wait for it.
(above image shows no setting option in the drop down list for the L3 button down)
◆パッチよりも前倒しに機能リリースできないのか? について
Regarding why we can’t release this at an earlier time than the patch.

We are looking into different methods to be able to release above mentioned feature or sorting, however the programming varies from the current released version and the development version, and for that reason to release one specific feature quickly would require to release and check the feature on both versions. 前倒し公開機能を増やすほど、現在の公開版に、
If we tried to add more features to be released ahead of time for the current version, that would require us to individually ‘transfer” those features from the current development version to player version, this will require time to transfer and check for any problems. Doing this will lessen other features that could of been released for the next patch……  そのため、2重実装のリスクが現実的な範囲で対策効果が高いものを
For that reason, we are selecting features that can be released ahead of time while making sure the risk for double implementation (for both version) is realistically possible. 「でも不便なんだよッ コンチョクショー!」という気持ちは、
I understand how some of you still feel like saying “It’s still inconvenient!”, I understand that as well as a player, and I truly apologize. なお、ロックオン機能のOFF設定は、アイテムソート(整頓)と比較すると
Removing the lock-on feature is something easier to implement ahead of time when comparing to item sort (order). Please allow us some more time to decide which features should be implemented ahead of time as we need to check along with other important matters such, fixing the pet/minion target contro, fixing the method to Blacklisting the RMTs, thanks

Official Translation:

In the latest developer’s build of the game, we’ve implemented an “Unassigned” option to the list of commands available for L3/R3 (Left Stick/Right Stick). We’ll be implementing this in patch 2.1, so please hang in there just a little while longer.


In Regards to Implementing Features Ahead of Patches

We’ve been searching for a method to release features like this (and the sort feature) as quickly as possible. However, because the official version of the game and the internal developer version have various differences, it would require individual checks and implementation on both versions to release specific features ahead of time.

As the number of features we implement ahead of time increase, there would consequently be an increase in the amount of time needed for checks as well as transplanting work to be done. Due to this, the number of features we can implement by the patch would be reduced. 

With that said, we’ve opted to introduce features where the risk of implementation is realistically manageable and the effects of addressing it are high to be implemented ahead of time.

As a player myself, I understand your feelings when things are inconvenient, and I apologize for this.

The ability to turn off the Lock On feature has comparatively less related features associated with it than the item sort feature, and is a feature that would be easy to implement ahead of time. We’d like some time to looking into whether we should implement this ahead of time with other important features such as the pet and minion targeting adjustments and RMT blacklisting.

@reinheart Translates – 2013-09-18 #FFXIV Game Watch Interview translation – Part 1 of 2

Source :

Q: You mentioned with this maintenance the amount of simultaneous connection is going to increase but what was the maximum amount of simultaneous connections so far?
A: The amount announced, 325,000 people is the maximum capacity, if we go over that amount it will cause failure. I believe, potentially it came near 400,000 people, but to avoid overall failure we have made this decision.

Q: What was the max potential when adding up individual peak times.
A: During the first two week from service start was probably around 600,000 people.

Q: About how much of the capacity will increase with the upcoming server update on overall worlds?
A: If we push it to the max, I believe we can probably get about 500,000 smoothly.

Q: 500,000 people! You expanded the equipment that much with this maintenance?
A: Yes. The back end capacity is fine, now we need to observe the memory performance for the contents world. But like I mentioned earlier the 325,000 simultaneous connection is the number generate from those who also kept their characters logged in because they were worried they might not be able to login later, this number should start calming down. Thanks to the maintenance on 09/04 the NA/EU side is pretty stable, thanks to that one we have less people who keep their characters logged in the whole time, it’s running pretty smoothly.

I believe this same thing will start for the Japanese datacenter as well. People will gradually get away from the mentality for the need to keep their characters logged in at all times. I hope they will start experiencing that they can login anytime without worry. Overall simultaneous connection will come down a bit but it will be a much more reasonable number, at same time this will allow those who couldn’t login to login now. So the simultaneous connections amount will be just right.

Q: With this times maintenance, how much capacity increased for one world?
A: At 09/04’s timing, Carbuncle world was increased to 8,0000 people, and it felt like that’s the maximum amount, so 8,000 people.

Q: Why is it 8,000 people max?
A: That is because it will hit the zones cap. Currently one world is build from 30 zones. Most of the zones aren’t affected but the starting cities and the neighbor zones is reaching the limit. New players and monsters, high level players traveling through all go through this zone, and once the zone goes over 800 people there is a high chance for lags to occur. To make it comfortable for all we have set this limit.

Q: Up till 09/12’s maintenance we had login restrictions and people couldn’t even get in the login queue being rejected intermittently, why was that?
A: I just posted an explanation regarding that one today on the forums, when you see the queue that’s when the login restriction is lifted. Login server hold a purpose to connect players to the worlds, when you have enormous amount of people trying to login simultaneously, it needs to process that. At same time it also needs to process those players trying to log out as well, if the server tries to do everything at the same time it will go over it’s processing limit. That’s where the queue comes into place to put players in login orders.

When login queue is made, it keeps a session live on the login erver, if we have this refreshed every second it will cause stress to the server, so it’s set to once every minute or 30 seconds. For example we are updating the information such as “Nakamura-sans status is updated” or “You were able to login” is being processed in order. We also don’t know when we can life the login restriction for the worlds that currently have it. It all depends on the player so this could be a minute later, could go on for 6 hours.

Q: I see, so the world is full, so if someone doesn’t log out it can’t even get into the queue.
A: It’s physically possible to get into the queue, but doing so could end up requiring to post sessions for few thousand players. If that’s just one world then it’s not a big problem, but if this happens in every world, the numbers can bump up to hundred thousands, now when that happens, it’s like the server is constantly getting hit by these players waiting in line, and in the end it’s possible for the login servers to go down.

Q: So can we think that with tonights (09/12) maintenance all these issues will be resolved?
A: For really populated world there is a physical limitation, so there is a possibility for us to once again place restrictions.

Q: There is a impression of new servers being more crowded than the Legacy servers, why is that?
A: I believe that is simply because new players are playing on the new worlds (laugh). However, there are a lot of new players created on Ridill or Durandall than we expected, so there isn’t really much difference. I believe it’s the legacy players bringing in their friends. Currently Carbuncle world has the most number of players. Out of all servers, it’s number 1.

Q: Why is that? Was there a influential community or something?
A: Probably the world name.

Q: Aside from this, there was an issue where teleport was a one way ticket, when you tried to move to a different area using teleport it logged you out. Is that being fixed also?
A: That was actually due to the bug when zoning, if the bug was pulled it caused players to get disconnected. We apologize for this bug, repairs for this one is completed.

Q: Was this due to some type of relationship with the server stress and login restrictions?
A: No, it’s not directly connected. We placed one patch in previous maintenance and the reports have lessened. We also placed another fix in 09/12’s maintenance so I believe this should get rid of the problem.

Q: You split the DutyFinder (CF=ContentFinder) into two groups, and this time into 3 groups, wasn’t this decision hard for you?
A: If you know Japan’s online gaming, you would understand that the current amount simultaneous connections is something we couldn’t predict, if it was within our estimate it was right on the line where we need to or don’t need to split. But because the all world capacities are in current state, we didn’t expect this much people to concentrate within a small timeframe.

Our original plan was to split the group into two, and once the stress is lower to place a mechanism which matches from both groups. However, even before the server capacity, it was more problem to have one group for 25 worlds, so we had to split it into two groups, and this time into 3 groups.

So honestly, it was just as what I expected. World of Warcraft works that way. I believe I mentioned “Cluster” in the past, what I’m thinking is a world-less inside those clusters. Overall structure is worldless, so this grouping is just matter of figuring out what to do with the list. Once the servers starts opening up we can make it where it can match with several groups, that is what worldless structure means.

Q: I see, I see
A: The real worldless feature is Dragon Quest X. In FFXIV ARR you start from a home world but it still uses the similar worldless structure so I believe it can be flexible.

Q: Currently even during hours with less players, the matching doesn’t match from several worlds?
A: Yes. As of 09/12’s point, we haven’t done that yet. I don’t want to see any trouble occurring because we tried to do all three things at once. When problem occurs, it will require longer time for investigation to see if the bug is caused by A, B or C. We are taking the same steps we did in the previous FFXIV. We’re handing players user data so we can’t just go ahead and do something drastic, I want to avoid that as much as possible. First I want to make sure the matching is working correctly within the group, make sure it’s working stable even after splitting into three groups, we’re going from there.

Q: While the DutyFinder is going through the grouping, the DutyFinder itself seems like it’s taking longer to match, specially for DPS. First off, is it harder to match because of the grouping that was done this time for DutyFinder, or is that completely different story?
A: Yes, that’s completely different story.

Q: Okay, then why is this occurring?
A: Simply because there isn’t enough Tanks.

Q: I see Tanks huh, not Healers?
A: For Healers, there is the fact that you can obtain the Unicorn from Conjurer quest, and also since it’s Final Fantasy the image of White Mage is pretty strong. Since there are lots out there wanting to play White Mage in FFXIV, we have more Healers compared to other MMORPGs.

When looking from previous FFXIV’s viewpoint, we added a pet class called Arcanis, and one of the jobs from Arcanist is Scholar. Scholars are bit technical and it’s a job that wasn’t introduced until now, for that reason there are lots out there wanting to try out Scholar, so as a result we were able to dodge the lack of Healers.

Q: For Tanks, talking Final Fantasy, knights are pretty popular so you would think there would be enough, maybe the responsibility for knights in FFXIV ARR is heavy.
A: It was just as I predicted, in any MMO’s there is shortage on tanks. We’re looking into add a bonus for those roles we are short on in patch 2.1.

Q: Can you please explain some more regarding the bonus for those roles in shortage?
A: In the finders display it will display what roles are currently short, so if you que in with that role you’ll get exp bonus or gil bonus.

Q: Sounds similar to blood donation. Like we’re short on blood type AB. So that’s going to show up on each DutyFinder category?
A: Yes it will. We are short on these people, it’s a feature we can do because we have the Armoury System.

Q: So for EXP bonus it’s going to be like 1.1 times more?
A: No, I believe it will be somewhat better than 1.1 times. Also, we’re going to start random matching. Not sure if we’re going to separate the story primal battle and non-story primal battle from category but for categories are split into categories such as “Leveling Dungeon”, “End Dungeon”, “Guild Order” and if you press the “Random” button to que in, DutyFinder will automatically and randomly choose a dungeon. For those that que in with this random matching will also get a bonus. However this is once a day feature.

Q: Once a day, what do you mean once?
A: The bonus you can obtain from doing it random.

Q: I see, so you can play the random matching as much as you want in that one day, however the bonus will only apply to that first time only?
A: We are still looking into either making it once a day, or one bonus only. When we say bonus, it’s not experience points or gil, you will be able to obtain tokens needed to obtain gears. You will be able to obtain tokens from this random matching. Merit in doing this is that high level players will come in together with new players to fill in the roles that is short. Also we’re looking into a feature where you can submit a vote for MVP. When queuing in with random matching, players can submit a vote for another player as MVP. By collecting those MVP points you will also be able to trade with items. We are already listing up the rewards, but you can get mounts, or chocobo specific gears and such are being looked into.

Q: Ohh, that’s nice, is that also coming in patch 2.1?
A: Yes we are planning to implement this in patch 2.1

Q: Once those systems are in place, it looks like it will resolve the current problems around the DutFinder.
A: We’re finally able to give players global MMO experience in FFXIV ARR, so once they understand the systems usage, we’re heading into the next step in patch 2.1. This also goes for the item level requirement for end contents. If we placed this from the beginning there was a high possibility that it will just put the Legacy players on the other side and new players on the other. Where players item levels don’t come near each other and never mixing in together.

We don’t want to close the door on them making it where players with low item levels can’t come over, we wanted the players to go in together with the players with high item levels and understand after fighting together that they need to increase their gear levels, making them want to get gears before entering those dungeons, and for that build a community, we wanted to create that type of flow. This is where the previous FFXIV players and new top group players mix in together, creating the top group for the FFXIV ARR. We wanted to resolve this issue earliest as possible.

Q: I see. For end contents you have already announced that there will be a feature that will require itel levels to enter.
A: Yes. We will put this in patch 2.1. Now that players understand the concept the top players that invite new players in there free company can help them explain the item level and hopefully result into members trying to help everyone to gear up so everyone can go together. If we didn’t have this type of experience first, people will be confused why they are suddenly being cut off, so I believe we needed to implement these in order.

Q: So the contents were purposely released in order.
A: Yes. this was something that troubled me till the end, but the reason why Bahamut’s Labyrinth not being listed on DutyFinder was done purposely. Content’s after that can’t be completed with group matched from DutyFinder, we made it where anyone can experience the hard primal battles. However if they don’t have the gears they won’t be able to clear, that’s how it was set up. With that people will start understanding that they should start building a community rather than going through using DutyFinder. We wanted players to start shouting for parties and gathering people. I think it’s more interesting to make the beginning of MMORPG’s more open rather than having strict rules, where it creates some confusion when using the matching system.

Q: I just wanted to confirm, for the end content “Bahamut’s Labyrinth” you can’t use DutyFinder, so the developers stance on this one is you want the players to build a community and build a team where they can trust each other to challenge right?
A: Yes. Bahamut doesn’t even show up on the Duty Finder, so far in current patch 2.0 we have Bahamut’s Coil with 5 levels, so far there are only few parties that passed stage 4.

Q: Only few party out of all the worlds? Is it NA players?
A: Legacy players, the fastest was famous guild from XI “Order of the Blue Gartr”. Currently there are few parties challenging the boss on the 5th level.

Q: They are already doing multiple runs?
A: No, you can’t do multiple runs for Bahamut, once you clear the first stage, it saves at that point, so it’s not possible to do that first stage over and over.

Q: Ohh, so you can’t even help?
A: It only checks the leaders flag, so it is possible to bring in those from 1st stage to the 2nd stage but most likely it’s impossible (bitter smile). Each stage clear really checks the players abilities, once you clear stage 2 you move onto stage 3. This flag is gone after one week, so after a week you’ll be able to go back to the stages you cleared before.

Q: Will there be new levels of Bahamut in patch 2.1?
A: Next update for Bahamut is coming in patch 2.2. In .2.1 we’ll be adding Crystal Tower. Both updated will be done alternative. Bahamut > Crystal Tower > Bahamut > Crystal Tower, in that order.

Q: I see. So it’s not like once you clear all of bahamut then you can challenge in Crystal Tower?
A: It’s not like that. Crystal Tower is alliance based end content while Bahamut is 8 player party based ultimate end content. We’ll update these in alternate.

Q: I see, so both contents are not related, they are two separate individual end contents. So it’s even possible to do play Bahamut only since your group can’t get 24 people?
A: Yes, you can play like that as well.

Q: There are couple of things that caught my attention when looking at the forums, firstly you mentioned you will be adding a “party recruitwindow”, what is this?
A: In the previous FFXIV there was a feature where you can announce what dungeon you want to go, and can join with roles xxx. For those that want to form parties will look at those and pick them up to build the parties. We first wanted players to use the DutyFinder and decided to release this feature in patch 2.1.

You said it before but in FFXIV ARR there is a community that was already built. When lots of new players come into the world, we didn’t want them to just stick together. The reason why DutyFinder matched legacies and new players was done purposely. By doing this we feel that the distance between them was shortened.

Q: Is the party invite window also coming in 2.1?
A: Yes it’s for 2.1. This was a system which we received lots of feedbacks in previous FFXIV. This is a brushed up version, so we’ll bring it back.

Q: But, doesn’t this party recruit window destroy the purpose for DutyFinder?
A: No, it’s balanced out. Even if there is the party recruit window, there will be other tasks such as running the DutyFinder once a day for random matching.

Q: Right now there are people shouting to gather members, so this will help them.
A: Yes. This was a system that was really welcomed during the previous FFXIV.

Q: Talking about shouts, there are lots of Real Money Trade (RMT) related shouts in town, are you planning something to address this?
A: Right now we are permanent banning them at really fast pace, that’s one, and also we are updating the chat filters daily. We’re making it hit the chat filter first so it doesn’t get to the other players. RMTs are fighting back against this and they are making it more code like……

Q: Yes. Specially when you play on NA server, there are messages in which I can’t even understand what it is. There are lots of irritating message flying around.
A: Yes. They are putting in greek characters, and stuff like that, we are continuing to take those down.

Q: So it’s kind of like Google’s spam filter, we shouldn’t be hearing much of these shouts over time?
A: Yes exactly. We are updating the chat filter in extreme speed.

Q: It’s not completely gone but the amount sure feels like it’s getting less, so chat filter huh, that’s an interesting idea.
A: By making it where they can’t even say it. Also when noticing them to permanent ban them, we are working on these thoroughly. Since we’re doing thoroughly, it’s to a point they of harassment. We receive over few hundred reports in one day, and the GM instantly investigates and goes into position to address the matter. As mentioned before we are dealing with them.

Q: So although right now it’s repetitive, the effect is getting greater?
A: Right now there is a lot going on in America. On the NA forums there is even a thread asking to sell the appearance changing potion with real money which is familiar in F2P. Looking at that kind of thread, I think to myself for RMTs they can’t do any business with increase of F2P MMOs. If world becomes a world where you can buy gold and experience points with real money, there is no way for RMTs to profit from. New big MMO titles using subscription model is FFXIV ARR and TESO so now I understand why they are desperate. Only thing left for us to do is to exterminate them.

Q: It is said that this will be updated on 09/12’s update but currently there is a method to run through specific dungeons using a player as a bait to avoid trash mobs.
A: Running past the mobs. They do it because the ratio for taking in tokens in short time is good.

Q: I was looking at it like, players are already coming up with extreme play method (laugh)
A: his method is used in other MMOs as well but, I apologize for this being overlooked.

Q: I believe people finding the best effective method is always true for MMO, however as a basic stance of FFXIV ARR, can you please explain what kind of tricky method/plays are allowed and what isn’t?
A: People normally think of “hourly wage” in a MMORPG. See how much they can earn in a short period of time. For us, we balance the game with the time needed to clear out the trash mobs, MP usage, HP, and how much of gear durability goes down. We have a reward that matches the amount of effort you put in. If people try to skip through this step it breaks the balance. When that happens we need to fix it. Right now the gil output is low, so we are planning to make a positive fix. This is our basic rule.

Q: I see. For dungeons, taking out all the junk monsters is part of basic play?
A: Yes. We placed them so they will be cleared out. That is why they do not repop and the exp being always the same, and you can calculate how much exp is for each pack of mobs.

Q: For detailed changes, you lowered the repair cost and dark matter price. Was there some kind of error on developers side?
A: That was our mistake. The dungeon was much more difficult that was we assumed. The amount of wipes is high, and due to that it ends up in the red. When we launched we alleviated the damage taken when wiping, but we should of alleviated the repair cost as well. Also the amount of gil output is too low, so we’re planning to increase this.

Q: What will change by increasing the gil output?
A: Because we carefully made this to avoid any inflation, we calculated too strictly without any surplus, so well increase the gil output some more.

Q: What kind of methods are you going to take for this?
A: I believe we’ll increase the amount produced from contents.

Q: Something like increasing the amount of gil earned from quest drastically?
A: No, basically dungeons, and we’ll increase the amount from repetitive dungeons and leveling dungeons. We’ll make sure keep it well balanced, and not where you just go to dungeons to earn money. For example earn gil while collecting tombstones. Also we’re discussing with the dev team, have gil output from F.A.T.E. while players collect Company Seals. However, if it’s F.A.T.E. you’ll be able to farm over and over, so we’re carefully looking into this. We are talking about at least adding some more bonus for instance based contents. Right now, I think most don’t have any flexibility.

Q: Yes, I really don’t have any flexibility (laugh) If I used teleport to complete a quest, my gil just keeps on going down.
A: I’m also being careful on using teleport (bitter smile) I use the Chocobo Porter, and when needed to go to other countries use the airship.

Q: Hmm, for you, regarding this field movement, do you think what we have now is just right?
A: For myself, I like it this way where you have to think what to do, however staffs are telling me they want some more luxury. I feel like I overdid it. In patch 2.1 we’ll have housing so we’ll start alleviating.

Q: Smartphone app was released. As you announced before, this has a lot of data, feels like official database. Aside from this you mentioned before that aside from the database you’ll be able to put items on market, or change gear, and other plans. When will those feature be available?
A: I just gave the GO after checking the milestone, which is set for March next year, for this year we are prioritizing to fulfill the database. Next is craft recipe, skill list, instance dungeon, F.A.T.E. information is priority. Our first milestone is to maximize the usefulness of the database. Once those are done, we’ll add features where you login to the server and use features, such as placing items on market, changing gears. You’ll be able to prep your character while outside and use your time efficiently, that’s our next step. For this one, it will require the server so we need to charge a fee.

Q: So up until March next year, you’ll be expanding the database, and that can be used for free, however post April’s additional features they will all cost a fee?
A: It’s not for everything, it’s something like if you’re going to download that feature, then it’s this much.

Q: So it’s not a monthly fee, but a set price for different features?
A: Yes. If you don’t need to use it, you don’t have to, that’s our thinking. We haven’t set the business model yet. This is just an example, but say you activate this under the service account then you can start using. We’re are still deciding on this one.

Q: So for the smartphone app, instead of a free service, you’re going to make it a business and offer services.
A: Yes. for the things where you can just look, we want those to stay free, and for the things where you actually touch and do something, not because we want to make profit, but because it involves server cost so we need to get the minimum payment to cover it, that’s how we are looking at this. We need to have a specific server just for this so, we need to cover that expense.

Q: What kind of additional features are you currently thinking?
A: Basically be able to sell items, and when buying item from market be able to withdraw the gil and give the item the the character, other than that a simple character transportation service. For example you log out at the inn, but you’re meeting up with you friends in a certain place so being able to move the character to where your friends are at. Doesn’t mean you can play fully but it’s features we believe would be nice to have, we want to be able to make it where you can prepare for adventure before getting back to your home.

Q: Would you be able to fish or cooking, gathering/crafting actions?
A: Haven’t thought about that.

Q: I see, so it’s for changing gearset, and use part of the system command from outside, something like that correct?
A: Yes.

Q: Just remembered when mentioning gearset, right now we can’t sort items. This is really inconvenient when bag is getting full. When is the sort feature coming?
A: This is coming in patch 2.1

Q: Item sorting is a must have feature and yet it’s taking long for implementation, why is this?
A: It is really complex, and it causes server load. If you tried to sort nicely it takes a lot of stress. For a stand alone game, everything is processed on memory side so you just need to swap the memory, however in this case you would have to replace servers data, to continuously do this on the server will cause a lot of load, so in honest we tried to avoid that issue.

However I talked to Mingawa (FFXIV ARR Lead UI artist/Lead web content artist) the other day if everything is in 2.1 it’s going to be a while, so we’re talking to see if we can get some parts in before that, and we were talking about at least having a order in there. We’re going to try our best to see what we can do.

Q: There was a comment on the forums as well, and I also felt the same but when is the server side save going to be available for cross hotbar settings, HUD layout, macro settings?
A: I get a lot of this request for media’s and people from other gaming industry……

Q: With work and home PC/PS3 I have 5 machines with FFXIV ARR installed, and having to go back and forth reregistering the settings is troublesome (laugh).
A: yes. We have plans for this so please hang in there.

Q: Is there a reason why you’re waiting for this one?
A: It’s dangerous. Writing information to the database causes extra load. When you save the data at the logout timing, maybe it will work, but we haven’t verified this yet.

Q: I believe you’re really busy right now with all the schedules but are you playing FFXIV?
A: Umm, I’m still level 18……

Q: I win! I’m over 30. You’re not playing hardcore (laugh)
A: Everyone is having login restrictions, I can’t do that. Even before that I don’t even have time to sleep……

Q: You commented that you’re gonig back to Haijin (hardcore/nosleep game w) so was looking forward to how much you would be into it.
A: was thinking I was going to be able to go back to Haijin after launch but…… We have had the major congestion, so I have been with sticking with the server deciding on investments to be made right away. As you know servers are basically a PC, so if the order timing is delayed it will delay others. At that time I would need to make a costly decision, so server team and I stayed over 24 hours. Other than that, I don’t think it’s right for me to be playing when so many players are out there saying they can’t.

Q: So you’re going to start getting into the game after the 09/12 maintenance?
A: Hmm, probably going to be busy until TGS finishes? So far it’s been nonstop for me since Gamescom in August.

Q: Last couple months were extreme.
A: But, 4 days ago I was finally able to get on the airship to travel through 3 cities so it’s hard to stop playing, it’s dangerous.

Q: You get pulled in. The beginning quest line is continuous so it’s hard.
A: It’s hard to decide when to stop, and when you stop by a town there are other classes, and when you start looking into other classes, class quest starts…… since you finally passed level 15, if you try to go to a dungeon, I end up going… what class what I leveling…!?

Q: That temptation is really strong with this game. But that’s what is attractive about FFXIV ARR.
A: That also leads to people staying logged in for long hours, personally I really want to praise the dev team for this one. As originally planned, I really believe that’s what is good about the Armoury System. It’s something you can’t experience in other MMO’s this is what the previous FFXIV should of been, and for people not used to MMO to be able to try out different things and enjoy. This is one of the things that makes me happy.

I have been playing in the development environment, but I’m always alone when checking through the quest lining. Now we have a open world with hundreds of players running around you. When I see a bunch of people running past me I think to myself, is F.A.T.E. going on? That feeling is really fun. I really believe we were able to create a strong tempting game.

-Continue to 2nd half -(It’s not out yet, maybe tomorrow or the day after)

Gallery – Southern Thanalan

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Welcome to the depressing town of Camp Bronze Lake!

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Eng Sub by @reinheart for YoshiP’s Closing Speech at #FFXIV Shibuya Launch Event

Translations by @reinheart, Timing by me