#FFXIV Letter from the Producer LIVE at #E3 2017 – Thoughts and Jibba Jabba!

Here we go! It’s not 7:18pm Eastern, in about 12 minutes the last LIVE Letter before Stormblood Early Access will commence, I’m actually hyped! Even after a full day of work /prances around happily.

As usual, I plan to talk to myself here, and figure you guys will read my nonsense after XD <3! Click “Continue Reading” below to read all about it!

Woooo it begins! The same trailer we’ve been shown all day today and last week XD…

Hi TitanBay! Awww the cheering crowd is adorable. Aimi your new haircut/style, me likey /approves. She’s totally and completely comfortable in front of camera now, year after year at each E3 the growth is tremendous!

Gameplay for the Susano challenge! I WANT THOSE EARS! YOSHI LALA is cute


Well the arena is called Pool of Tribute… good! I didn’t want to be spoiled with the full cutscene lol he cancelled it.

They’re talking about me now ‘a healer that stops healing and just randomly looks around’ yep sounds like me! /goes sightseeing /watches party dies /woops


LOL he engaged Susano solo… good job! one smack death! he lasted two hits the second time, good try.

Yes Nain, I’m talking to you while you’re at the gym, you better be reading this -_-

I’m not liking the job action bar being constantly up eve though its greyed out… OMG ODDER OTTER I WANT ITTTTTTTT!!!


Ooo Like that if you hit sprint in the water, you basically go into front stroke and swim faster! Play dead in water for lala is the win lmaol!

There is an interesting circle at the top of the water, ahhh it gives you an idea of how deep you’ve gone. The water effect is really well done, including the distortion, I agree. I hope this area does not make me motion sick like the under water areas in WoW ; ; but we’ll have to see this weekend!

There is an option to adjust the distortion effect under water!!! That’s awesome!!! If it makes me really sick, hopefully turning it off or down (YES! there are options!) would help. As expected, under water is slower.

The underwater city looks gorgeos! Can’t wait to get there in person. Arghhhh I love our family vacations but WHY IS IT ALWAYS DURING XIV PATCHES OR EXPANSIONS! /pulls hair out -_-

YAYYYYYYYYYYY They put swimming in ARR areas as well, he’s at Costa Del Sol and added in basically an island you can swim to, totally radd


He’s showing off new magitek mounts, which apparently also flies


New Eorzea Collection for E3 2017. Man, I really wish I had time to film more Lalazea ; ; the plan was to do one giant one for Heavensward but never got the time 😦

Japanese inspired full plate armor will be raid rewards, which makes sense and will be pretty cool! Genji armor will be reward for Omega raid, I guess everyone’s been asking for that?

Ooo ok teaser time is over, its now Q&A time!

Q: White Mage, lots of random questions about new WHM functionality like nuker? healer only? healing lilies only for healing? Raid role?

The information given during media tour is not the final version, there has been changes since. Long story short, they just want players to try it out first before panicking and making assumptions. They’re not going to explain just one class since there are many other changes. I’m not sure what to feel myself, I’ve never minded being asked to DSP, but I know for a fact that I’m not good at it especially during progression. I get much better at it after clearing it a few times, but during progression if my WHM DPS is a critical factor for clearing, then I’m definitely going to be detrimental to any team. I felt that healers being put into a position of ‘must DPS’ was a bit off. My personal preference is a healer, not a healer nuker, for example. Its a rough subject and lots of opinions all around.

Back to their points, they’re going to continue watching after the players get their hands on the new actions and then adjust if necessary from there.

Q: I heard from media tour that odd numbered patches will only add 1 EX and 1 new content, please elaborate.

Personally, I’m not sure why everyone is upset or whatever over this… it was explained very clearly what the plan is. Actually go watch MTQCapture’s video! She had the most detailed explanation and did not rephrase.

YoshiP says that every even numbered patches when the ilevel increases, there will be 2 new EX dungeons. So for odd numbers and ilevel doesn’t change, they will only add 1 new EX dungeons. There are clear reasons for this (I BET! I actually understand why). First and foremost, FFXIV has a TOO MANY INSTANCED DUNGEONS! I personally think we should just go back and something with those. If they’re taking the resources from adding 2 new instanced dungeons every freaking major patch and just put it towards newer things to do, I’m all for it. I loved the stuff they added in towards the end of Heavensward.

They’re talking about all the alternative ways to get tomestones now, instead of just spamming dungeons. Yes, yes yes I agree! I think moving away from just doing dungeons for tokens is better, I’m pretty sick and tired of repeating dungeons XD

Part of this move is to allow the team to listen to new content ideas instead of just working on new dungeons all the time. I LIKEY! Keep it up /nods

Q: Glamour Log, something being asked for apparently, very interesting. I mean I wish glamour wasn’t tied to the physical item and I love how Blizzard handled their glamour system in Legion, so hmmm

They didn’t want to implement something like that due to the save data limits. YoshiP made comparisons to the Achievement tracker which is already present, hmm I’m not sure if that’s the right direction to go with what people are asking for though.

THIS ISNT IMPORTANT! What’s happening to our seals and stuff from 3.0! Ok fine, Glamour is pretty important but let’s move on now lol

Q: With some actions being removed as part of the battle system revamp, is there any way to use the job action animations that are being removed?

No, more feedback and we’ll think about it. Really this question WHY? apparently people want /poledance -_-

Q: Official RP Servers?

Torn on this. Not everyone on the existing server would want to be labeled as RP, they also do not want to encourage the push back from RP players towards players who do not want to RP on servers labelled as RP. This is a valid concern, I think just leave the world as it is and ignore this question! No offence D: if there is a large enough community to make an effort, this may happen, but in the same sense it’d need to be a brand new server that people transfer to, since the first concern is a very valid one!

Ok! They’re moving on to talk about schedules and finer details woot woot here’s what we’ve been waiting for.

Patch release schedule:


  • 4.01 July 4th – Normal Mode OMEGA opens up, about 2 weeks after launch
  • 4.05 July 8th – Savage OMEGA, Lost Canals of Uznair (Like Acropolis), Tomestones collection start!
  • Tomestones of Verity (sp) with no cap at 4.0

For the Raid system the usual weapons that drop on the 4th level, since there are 15 jobs now there’s a 50% chance that a weapon will drop that’s not useful for anyone in the party OMG PLEASE FIX THIS!

YES! New mechanic, at least one out of the 8 will be able to obtain the weapon for their particular job. Interesting!! Hmmm, apparently you can potentially get up to 2 weapons that people can use. Why does that make me think some dood is gonna get 2 weapons in that week lol

Next producer letter live will be held before Savage is released in order to go over further details. Please just have a translator at all this ; ; Reinheart is no longer free to translate on the spot! You stole him! /cry

World Transfers, new worlds being opened, preferred transfer designation worlds etc. Incentives for transferring etc. will be announced on June 15th.

NOOOOOOOOOO PLush chocobo cushionnnnnnnn hmmmmmmmmmm but I was going to make my own XD yes Titan Bae, I’m texting my husband to buy it for me too

Interesting! There is going to be anew campaign I WANT THAT MOUNT!


Awwww veteran rewards is all done now. Limited time only campaigns is the way they will do it moving forward. This is actually really smart, with the veteran campaign, cumulative total counted, but here its dependent on that particular duration of the campaign. I approve of money making and subscription maintenance efforts, I know a lot of players complain, but I also know how much shit costs to do and make… so I support a team that knows how to keep their business afloat, be cash positive, pay the team well etc etc. I always felt Blizzard was amazing at this aspect of the business, glad that XIV team has this as well. There is nothing sadder than a team that can make amazing games and content but suck at making money -_-

Annndd it’s almost over now. I do love the regular Live letters where he can just ramble one for about 2 hours XD but it’s more structured and controlled here since it’s a scheduled programming. PLEASE English translate the regular live letters onegaiiiiiiiiii

THANK YOU FFXIV TEAM!!! I’m super excited for Stormblood, I’ve managed to make it on Early Access for everything so far but this year I won’t be making it ; ; will be 2 days later! XD Coming back from vacay on the 18th, cannot wait!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “#FFXIV Letter from the Producer LIVE at #E3 2017 – Thoughts and Jibba Jabba!

  1. What I’m most looking forward to in Stormblood: Getting rid of the “snowy” starting menu. The one before you pick which character to log in. I hated that from day 1 of Heavensward.

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