#FFXIV Server Down Lalafell Fun Times!

Weeeeee Only about a year or more since my last Lalazea video! Been super busy! We also filmed the usual ‘before server shuts down so AP and friends get together and do random shit for giant early access maintenance’ bit… but I didn’t have time to finish editing it 😦

Leaving for vacation tomorrow so will be missing out on the fun first two days of early access, have fun everyone!! Don’t spoil shit for me… /evil glare!! See you guys on Sunday!

Without further ado… the much smaller lala brigade but stronger non the less!

#FFXIV Stormblood Inventory Expansion looks good!

Maybe this was mentioned somewhere else but I sure didn’t notice! Looks nice!


#FFXIV Letter from the Producer LIVE at #E3 2017 – Thoughts and Jibba Jabba!

Here we go! It’s not 7:18pm Eastern, in about 12 minutes the last LIVE Letter before Stormblood Early Access will commence, I’m actually hyped! Even after a full day of work /prances around happily.

As usual, I plan to talk to myself here, and figure you guys will read my nonsense after XD <3! Click “Continue Reading” below to read all about it!

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Square Enix E3 2017 Broadcast Schedule – FFXIV Stormblood Details PRIS!

This year, our family vacation is also occurring on the same week as E3 and Stormblood early access, so I’m going to be missing the ending of E3 and the start of early access, but should still be able to join in on the fun before official launch on the 20th. I’m actually excited now! This week is going to be insane but I’m going to do my darnest to tune in as much as I can to Square Enix presents!

We are hoping for more day to day type details regarding Stormblood, things such as ‘are you going to nerf Heavensward gear turn in seals ratio, what about poetics?, what about gatherer scrips?’ etc. etc. Basically, do we stockpile or unload this week? I’m not sure how much this is going to help me since I am leaving for vacation on Thursday morning ; ; but at least it’ll help everyone else!

As usual, here is their schedule, which was posted on the official blog, but I prefer having my own little space to keep track of all this as well as make unnecessary comments just coz I can, muahahah!

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For Scinder…

After many years of research and soul searching, I finally found a way to give Scinder a shower…


<33 you!!!!!! /runs away /looks for all kinds of hidey holes



#FFXIV Fan Festival 2016 Schedule

Final Fantasy Fan Festiva 2016 Day 1 Schedule

Final Fantasy Fan Festival 2016 Day 1 Schedule


Final Fantasy Fan Festival Day 2 Schedule

FFXIV Fan Festival 2016 Day 1: Keynote Thoughts and Overview

Welps, another year another Fan Fest that I could not go to 😦 last time, it was due to work, this year, we moved back to the East Coast, bought a house and am having a grand ole time over here! Vargy, Kenny and em also could not make the trip this year, so I decided it’s probably not the funnest idea for me to wander around all alone at the Fan Fest XD

I am super hyped though and will be sharing my thoughts here, instead of spamming Twitter.

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Square Enix at E3 2016 and FFXIV Producers Letter Live

My first post in a longggg time… will update more later! But here is the schedule for Square Enix Presents channel. I was hoping for some magical FFXIV reveal, since we know the next expansion is coming, but it does not look likely at this point. Oh well, hyped for English Letter of Producer regardless! Have not been able to watch any of the live letters from Japan in recent months.

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FFXIV Patch 3.1 Airship Exploration - The Diadem

New FFXIV Patch 3.1 Content – The Diadem is….

FUN!!!!!!!! We’ve been asking for more open world content for a while now, and this feels like it! Open world bosses have led to congestion issues and models not loading on screen, so limiting the Diadem instances to 72 people is a good idea to start off. Perhaps if the servers and content balancing works out with the map that we have now, they may add larger capacity harder bosses for future iterations of this type of content.

Note that we’ve only tried The Diadem Normal though we do have Hard unlocked. We’ll be doing those soon and I’ll post the experience as well.

I thoroughly enjoy the idea of slaying smaller mobs which then spawns the next tier until you reach the starred mob. it reminds me of a more accessible and speedier version of ZNM from FFXI.

We got lucky with finding Little Foot (I refuse to call him anything else, also I can’t spell his real name ; ;). We haven’t had a chance to go back in again since we’re using static play times to learn Thordan, but perhaps this weekend we’ll be able to try Hard!

Gobbie Boom!

FFXIV Casuals vs. Alexander Savage Adventure Continues!

Hurray!! We’re about 3 weeks behind schedule but we still did it! Our last run as a full group was on 08/20 and we got to enraged on the very last Widow. Immediately after that we went into a hiatus for around 3 weeks due to Vacations, PAX Prime and work commitments. During the hiatus we were informed that one of our static mates had been offered an amazing new job and we’re super happy for him, grats Gee! He was our gobwalker operator though, which means we were back to square one. Our drg Tizmo was then assigned the gobwalker role overnight puahaha ❤ Tizzy

We did get weekly AS1 clears with partial pugging and we’d sometimes pop into AS2 for some learning runs but in general it was not super serious. We finally started running in earnest again last Thursday, which was Tiz’s first time handling the gobwalker. We went back in again this Monday and was able to get to last wave with her learning on the fly, thanks KiePie (/snorts) for coming to our run!!

On Tuesday, we flagged up PF and lucked into awesome Luminos, a monk who decided to join us in our AS2 adventure after the AS1 weekly clear. We finally beat the fight on the 2nd try!! Good job Tizzy for getting into the rhythm and flow of the gobwalker so fast!! Luminos will be running with us as we learn AS3, woohoo!!

Not sure how much we can accomplish in the next week or so before Dakana jets off to Europe for a month along with other RL schedules for the rest of us.

So here’s to the casual laife /toast and being able to enjoy content with very little play time woo hoo!! Grats static and looking forward to our run tonight! Death doom doom doom!